IBM IMS Technical Symposium 2011

Von: 14.11.2011Bis: 17.11.2011
Veranstaltungort: Königstein bei Frankfurt/Main
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Save the date for IBM’s premier IMS Technical Conference, an event dedicated to learning more about IMS and IMS solutions.

Attending the IMS Technical conference is a smart and efficient way to catch up on all of the latest advancements in the world of IMS. This conference will offer a choice of over 50 sessions organized around 3 tracks focused on topics such as IMS and Operational BI, IMS and Mashup technology, IMS and Business Rules Management, Modern Application Development for IMS, IMS Trends and Directions, IMS Installation Considerations, IMS for New Users, IMS Database Performance and Tuning, and IMS Disaster Recovery Overview, just to name a few.

Receive in-depth technical training designed to help you enhance, modernize, expand and optimize your IMS applications and systems.

Königstein bei Frankfurt/Main

14.-17. November 2011

1.400,00 EUR pro Person, zuzüglich MwSt. - Full Conference
600,00 EUR pro Person, zuzüglich MwSt. - One Day Pass (Tuesday & Wednesday only)

Frühbucherpreis bis 30. Juli 2011:
1.300,00 EUR pro Person, zuzüglich MwSt. - Full Conference
500,00 EUR pro Person, zuzüglich MwSt. - One Day Pass (Tuesday & Wednesday only)

Über weitere Rabattierungen beraten wir Sie gerne.


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