Connections Administration Toolkit (CAT)

Simplify the administration of IBM Connections with this easy to install and easy to use web interface tool. Complex multilevel administration commands can be done with just a single click, even by administrators without WebSphere background.

Easily accelerate and automate administrative tasks and enhance the maintenance tasks for IBM Connections. Benefit from extremely lowered effort for training and maintenance.

IBM Connections administration can be tricky and complicated...

Administrating and configuring IBM Connections system is a complex task which involves many different technologies. Configuration of IBM Connections requires the administrator to work with more than 30 different XML files which must be checked out from the server, manually edited by the administrator and then checked in to the server again. Administration of IBM Connections live objects on the other hand features a case-sensitive command line interface in which the administrator needs to use complex and case sensitive, multilevel commands following the Jython script language syntax.

Check out the clip "Using the wsadmin command line utility to administrate IBM Connections" to learn more about the complexity of single tasks with the wsadmin:

...or easy and simple - with just a little help from Connections Administration Toolkit

Check out the clip "Using the Connections Administration Toolkit to administrate IBM Connections" to see how easy the same administration can be with CAT:

Many IBM Connections administrators come from the Domino world and are not used to launch wsadmin in a terminal, load a python script file, save the return of selective commands into variables and convert from a hash to a vector only to be able to add a user to a community. This approach to IBM Connections administration can be seen as needlessly complex and uncomfortable.

Benefit from amazingly reduced complexity and simplified IBM Connections administration and maintenance

CAT offers IBM Connections administrators an intuitive and efficient way to solve all the complex tasks required to successfully administrate a Connections system:
  • Simplicity: Complex multilevel commands are shortened down to simple GUI windows
  • All in one: No need for the administrator to work directly with XML files or the wsadmin tool, everything can be done from within CAT
  • No technology skills required: Both XML editing and the Jython script commands are done by CAT, the administrator doesn’t necessarily need to know either
  • Safety: Several validity checks for performed changes to minimize the risk of demolishing your IBM Connections
Connections Administration Toolkit for IBM Connections

Connections Administration Toolkit - Services

Connections Administration Toolkit - Logging

Check out this live demo

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