Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

Integrate Internal Communications and Custom Applications into IBM Connections with XCC – the Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections.

Web Content Management Systems are excellent in top-down communication. IBM Connections is excellent in peer-to-peer collaboration. Using separate platforms for communication and collaboration causes content overlap, fragmentation and inconsistencies and confronts users and authors with difficult choices: where to publish and where to search content. Governance problems, user frustration and lost potential are the consequences.

XCC - the Web Content Management Extension enhances IBM Connections with classic Web CMS capabilities and thus creates a beautifully integrated Social Intranet.

The content management functions are fully realized with build in IBM Connections applications (blogs, wikis, bookmarks, events). Even the access management and management of different groups of authors are solved with features of the platform itself. So there is no further training needed than for basic IBM Connections usage

What our customers say

We receive great feedback on XCC:

"The Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections was the right decisions and we will stick to that.”
- Til Nieuweboer, Manager Operations at ING Insurance

LAPP Gruppe
"XCC revolutionized our Intranet entirely! Now, relevant content can be populated completely intuitive within seconds and is globally accessible. It is a real innovation.”
- Eva Martinez Organizational Development Lapp Holding AG

“In order for Pilz Connections to succeed, it was important to offer all employees simple and clear first steps into the world of social business. The TIMETOACT solution enabled us to avoid reservations and acquaint users with the concept of knowledge management.”
- Jürgen Fischer Project Manager Communication and Collaboration Services, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

"In an off-time minute (during a break) I installed XCC in our Acceptation Environment. Everything went smooth, no problems during the installation... (like you said)."
- R. Angion, Saxion, University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

"Your product completes IBM Connections. Employees do not have to go anywhere else, everything is in one place."
- US Government Customer

"We created an ideal information architecture that seamlessly integrates internal communications and collaboration in an hybrid Intranet. Our new Intranet has been perceived very well by our employees."
- Manfred Meindl, Leiter Online Marketing, VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

"IBM Collaboration Services is excited to partner with TIMETOACT to bring their Content Management Extension for IBM Connections to our customers as an IBM Collaboration Services App. This innovative solution brings additional value to an IBM Connections environment, allowing our customers to elegantly integrate their internal communication’s content into their social business platform. IBM and TIMETOACT together, a partnership to accelerate social business."
- Jason Roy Gary, CTO Enterprise Solutions, IBM

Don't hesitate to contact us or visit our XCC Community on IBM Greenhouse for download and testing so that you might have your own look at it.

Presentation Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

We offer up to date information on XCC via our SlideShare Channel - get an overview and keep informed on all features and information on our Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections (XCC):

  • Widget Overview
  • XCC for Content Masters
  • XCC for Web Masters
  • XCC Settings

  • How XCC Personalization Works
  • Active, Passive & Hybrid Personalization
  • Personalizable Elements

  • Integrate Custom Applications with XCC into IBM Connections

  • New Features
  • Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

You may also have a look on our YouTube Channel, where we provide you some tutorials all around XCC (only version 4.1, May 2014).

Screenshot, XCC 6.0

Your contacts

Felix Binsack
Felix Binsack
Intranet Strategy Consultant / XCC Inventor
+49 221 97343-0

Philipp van den Boom
Philipp van den Boom
Account Manager CAT
+49 221 97343-66

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