Broadband cable monitoring at Kabel Deutschland

Agile to the goal: TIMETOACT launches a monitoring tool for Vodafone Kabel Deutschland: for more profitability. For more clarity. For satisfied customers. Success Story as PDF

Data security, efficiency and first-class functionality are a must for network operators. It is not for nothing that Vodafone Kabel Deutschland does not tolerate any compromises when it comes to broadband cable technologies. As Germany's largest cable network operator, Vodafone Kabel Deutschland offers its customers television, fixed network and mobile communications from a single source in 13 German states. The company already offers broadband Internet to more than 10 million households at speeds of up to 200 megabits per second.

In September 2015, TIMETOACT will launch a monitoring tool for the M-DAX company: for more profitability. For more clarity. For satisfied customers. A project report with insight value

A clear goal spurs on

"We had actually considered optimizing our system, which had served us faithfully for a long time. The effort was simply too great," recalls Ray Brückner of the status in 2013. He is responsible for the project at Vodafone Kabel Deutschland and is convinced of what will secure the lead in the future: a new broadband cable monitoring system that is more powerful, easier to maintain and better performing

The success factors are obvious

  • Automated processes significantly reduce the manual maintenance effort.

  • The tried and tested is integrated or serves as a model for the new.

  • The new solution supports proven structures and integrates reliable systems.

  • The Delphi inventory system is the leading system and defines the network structure

  • A monitoring and management interface combines the many functionalities in one central location.

  • There, graphic elements provide comprehensive information: for example, about status, network connection, power supply of the device

  • Users can clearly see how the approximately 130,000 network elements are connected.

  • Faults are directly and clearly identifiable in the interface.

  • Mains operation easily detects alarm signals and correctly assigns them.

  • A must: licensing and maintenance are cost-effective and easy to implement

  • System launch: September 2015.

With this tool decision, we have further developed the consistent path towards service management and can thus significantly increase service quality and consequently customer satisfaction.

Bernd Hansen Head of Operation TV & OSSVodafone Kabel Deutschland
Building on trust and looking ahead

"As unwavering as our plan was, we decided to go with TIMETOACT," reports Brückner. The two partners have been working together since 2003. They know and appreciate each other. In addition, TIMETOACT has made an excellent name for itself in German-speaking countries with IT solutions for cable network operators. The fact that it is now a matter of developing a completely new application for Vodafone Kabel Deutschland makes the total of 21 TIMETOACT employees particularly happy. "Further strengthening this trust motivates us just as much as the high technical challenges of this complex project," confesses Markus Fürst.

Plan milestones and pave the way

Progress thanks to shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation

In this project, both sides learn from each other. This is also because the size of the network and the nature of the network pose new challenges. This intensifies the exchange among each other. TIMETOACT continues to develop and test. The team responds to new requirements and wishes. It readjusts. It realigns itself, is permanently in contact with the main users on the customer side. Again and again. This close coordination ensures the progress of the project. The team continues to develop. Until finally, in July 2015, Vodafone Kabel Deutschland is working with the new broadband cable monitoring and testing the system in live operation. In parallel, the predecessor software continues to run. The tension rises. And the green light is given. The new broadband cable monitoring tool goes live on schedule: In September 2015, the entire broadband cable operation completely switches over.

Knowing when a component fails is not enough. What we needed was a solution that would show us not only the failure but also the context and impact on our business. BKM has been doing this very well and reliably since its introduction.

Bernd Hansen Head of Operation TV & OSSVodafone Kabel Deutschland

There are good reasons for project success

"When we name deadlines, they are realistic. Whitewashing doesn't do anyone any good," says Jürgen Kahl, software architect at TIMETOACT. Being in constant contact with each other and planning ahead allows client and customer to be partners who move forward in a goal-oriented manner. Because honest communication is essential for strong solutions. "We are sympathetically persistent and demand important information or decisions," Ralf Grewe elaborates on the understanding that prevails at TIMETOACT. This also means that the team points out consequences and risks in good time, for example during the at least weekly conference calls. The IT experts also name opportunities that open up when open points are fulfilled. If there is transparency and the discussion partners disclose the meaning and purpose of the requests, things run smoothly.

When everything flows

It is all the more encouraging, especially in hot phases, when solutions emerge in an uncomplicated manner. That's how a cooperative partnership works. Dynamics develop in the right direction when rapid and well-founded answers shed light on the darkness. And last but not least, structured and automated test scenarios show how practical the project status is. "We regularly turn small loops in order to flexibly and quickly transform new findings into project progress," Jürgen Kahl describes the attitude that characterizes TIMETOACT. In general, it is small packages that the team masters prudently, step by step. The team communicates directly and promptly. And it understands what is important to the customer. This allows TIMETOACT to act flexibly and agilely. And last but not least, benevolent consistency takes effect, not only in project management. Everyone appreciates that. And that's why things are going so well as TIMETOACT develops the second version of Broadband Cable Monitoring by the end of 2016.

Looking back points to the future

"At the beginning, we couldn't imagine what to expect," Ray Brückner looks back. Today, he and around 90 users at various locations at Vodafone Kabel Deutschland are delighted. Because from an idea and a specification sheet, a convincing usability and strong performance have emerged. The result is a lasting confirmation of the network operator's position as a leading provider in Germany.

Vodafone (formerly Vodafone Kabel Deutschland) is one of Germany's leading communications groups and offers its customers Internet, mobile communications, fixed-network and television from a single source. With more than 50 million mobile communications cards, almost 11 million broadband customers, 14 million TV customers and numerous digital solutions, Vodafone and its approximately 16,000 employees generate service revenues of almost EUR 13 billion.

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