Modernes Business Intelligence und Data Warehouse System sorgt für herausragende Performance

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System enables AGAPLESION to effectively manage data and perform complex analyses Success Story as PDF

As one of Germany's largest Christian healthcare groups, AGAPLESION - in addition to over a hundred medical facilities and more than 1,000,000 patients - also manages a huge amount of data. For its storage, documentation and analysis, the company is massively dependent on a functional Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehouse (DWH) system. When it came time to renew the existing solution, TIMETOACT designed a modern innovation platform for AGAPLESION, which ultimately won the bid. Together, they introduced the platform based on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System - high-performance, scalable and many times faster than its predecessor. This opens up far-reaching possibilities for AGAPLESION's data management and analytics, both to optimize existing applications and to think of completely new analytical requirements including the integration of AI.

Initial situation:
  • Maintenance and support contracts for the existing BI and DWH system threatened to expire
  • Performance of the solution no longer met AGAPLESION's growing data analytics requirements
  • Setup of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System as an innovation platform with all solution components on one system
  • Migration of already existing and installation of additional software on new hardware
Added value:
  • Higher performance and lower operating costs
  • Better possibilities for documentation and analyses 


      Christian Luxem
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