Outstanding performance thanks to a cutting-edge business intelligence and data warehouse system

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System enables AGAPLESION to effectively manage data and perform complex analyses Success Story as PDF

One of Germany’s largest Christian healthcare companies, AGAPLESION manages not only over a hundred medical institutions and more than a million patients, but also a huge amount of data. And to store, document and analyse all that data, the company is highly dependent on a functioning business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse (DWH) system. When it was time to update their existing solution, AGAPLESION decided to go with a modern innovation platform designed for them by TIMETOACT. They implemented the platform together based on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System – powerful, scalable and several times faster than its predecessor. This has opened up far-reaching possibilities for managing and evaluating data, allowing AGAPLESION not only to optimize existing applications, but also to think about completely new analytics requirements, including the integration of AI.

A new business intelligence and data warehouse system to support evolving tasks

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System as a central location for all solution components

After consulting with TIMETOACT, AGAPLESION opted for a full innovation platform based on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System. The platform includes all necessary hardware components, pre-assembled and optimized for the application, the modern container application platform RedHat OpenShift, plus the IBM software Cloud Pak for Data. Cloud Pak for Data’s modular structure allowed us to begin with the Data Management module, with the Analytics and AI modules due to follow later. The individual modules are:

  • IBM Netezza Performance Server (NPS) – successor of Netezza
  • IBM Data Stage – IBM’s data integration solution – to replace Talend
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog – data catalogue integrated with the platform
  • IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson – the current 11.2 version
  • IBM Planning Analytics with Watson – successor to the IBM TM1
  • IBM SPSS – previously stand-alone, now integrated
  • IBM Watson Studio/machine learning – IBM’s modern platform for implementing AI
  • Due to the technical platform outside OpenShift, IBM Cognos Controller was also upgraded to a new version.

The charitable public limited company AGAPLESION was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2002 by Christian organizations. Its aim is to support predominantly Christian healthcare institutions in a challenging and competitive economic situation. AGAPLESION consists of more than 100 institutions across Germany, including 23 hospital locations with over 6,340 beds, 41 residential and care facilities with over 3,550 care places, three hospices, 37 medical centres, nine out-patient care services and a training academy. It also offers healthcare and nursing training at 15 locations. More than 22,000 employees provide patient-oriented nursing and care in line with approved quality standards. They look after more than a million patients each year. Sales revenue across all institutions, including holdings, comes to over 1.6 billion Euros.


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