Database Technologies

Flexible, secure and fast-working database systems are a central component of business software and form a stable basis for your daily work

The management of rapidly growing data volumes in companies is multifaceted: data must be processed, indexed, filed, destroyed, stored or archived. But where do you store your data after processing? In-house or in the cloud? How do your employees gain secure access to distributed project data from different teams? And are the latest versions of your latest application available in each of your branch offices? In a nutshell: Has your company ensured that the right data is available in the right quality at the right place?

Database Technologies – a safe investment

Flexible, secure and fast-working database systems form the stable basis of your daily work as a central component of the enterprise software. It must be ensured that the data is stored in a meaningful and controlled manner and is always up-to-date and correct. In addition, the business application must be able to access the data in the shortest possible time. The faster you can create evaluations, planning, forecasting and budgeting, the better.

Database with potential

At TIMETOACT, we have state-of-the-art database management strategies to ensure that you capture and process your data the way you want and need it. With our many years of experience in the field of databases, we always provide our customers with comprehensive and individual advice. Would you like to know how you can process your data in the desired form in the shortest possible time? Or do you have a need for migration projects? Then we are the right partner for you!


Our database specialists are familiar with the latest technologies such as Hadoop, in-memory database systems, Microsoft SQL Server or DB2 BLU and will help you optimize and maximize the performance of your databases. In case it makes sense, we improve your database systems so that you always have full performance available to you, even in special situations. There is a reason why we are regularly awarded the highest manufacturer certifications. Instead of having to deal with many solutions from different contact persons, with TIMETOACT's complete and integrated product portfolio you get everything from one source.


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Comprehensive support in every situation!


comprehensive consulting, planning and implementation around database technology


various projects in the field of data migration

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Use of state-of-the-art technology and best-of-breed solutions

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