Free Self Assessment

Determine the status quo of your Identity & Access Management, uncover gaps and identify opportunities for action.

What is the status quo of Identity Governance in your company?

Use our free self-assessment to identify your status quo.

Our free self-assessment gives you an impression of the degree of maturity of Identity Governance in your company. Based on various topic blocks and specific questions, we determine a classification of your company and identify gaps in your Identity & Access Management. The assessment can be carried out independently with relatively little effort and provides both a striking evaluation of the overall view as well as recommendations in the individual areas such as processes, technology and governance.

At the end of the assessment, you will receive a detailed evaluation (approx. 10 pages) with graphical representations and a description of potential for action. In addition, after completing the self-assessment, you will receive the opportunity for a free consultation (1 hour) with one of our IAM specialists. You can also benefit from the assessment before your management, as the assessment sheet can be used as a basis for discussions with your management.

Take the chance to easily do the self-assessment for your company online.

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