IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Pak is based on RedHat OpenShift. Our colleagues at ARS offer related technical and strategic workshops on this. Learn more here. In a 60-minute webcast, ARS' CEO Joachim Gucker answers questions about Cloud strategy and explains how a Cloud transformation can succeed. He also shares experiences on implementing a full Coud platform for applications in both private and public Clouds. Plain Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak and Pivotal Cloud Foundry will be discussed. The webcast will be moderated by Christian Töpfer from Heise Business Services.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Data Science in Practice

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data is an integrated solution for implementing a complete analytics environment. It includes various IBM and Open Source tools for integrating, storing, analyzing and optimizing data and information. The platform is based on open container technology, Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. This allows it to be individually configured, easily operated and agilely expanded at any time. IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data is available both in the Cloud and on-premises for deployment on different hardware systems.

Gartner ranks IBM as a "Leader" in Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for Watson Studio on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D).

Marc Bastien, software architect at TIMETOACT, will use project examples from our customers to show you how IBM Cloud Pak for Data and the structured application of Data Science can be used to identify and exploit unused potential in processes. For example, customer churn is detected and analyzed in a timely manner, Predictive Maintenance is introduced and incoming payments are forecast. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

While automation is already very advanced in industry, office processes are often carried out manually or even multiple times. From the capture of a document to the processing of the data to the final storage, thus many manual steps are often necessary. The "IBM Cloudpack for Automation" helps you automating these steps on a uniform platform with standardized interfaces. In the presentation in this video, we devote ourselves to the approach of flexible automation with coordinated tools.

IBM Cloud Pak for Application

Microservices and Kubernetes are terms that are hardly mentioned individually. For many companies, moving to the Cloud, modernizing the existing app landscape and making it "cloud-ready" is a hurdle. With IBM Cloud Pak for Application, a solid foundation exists to develop and deploy "cloud-native" applications. Since agile working is essential for a faster release cycle, ready-made DevOps processes are used, among other things. Learn in the video about the benefits and limitis of Cloud Pak.

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