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What is IBM Watson Assistant?

AI assisted virtual agent.

Watson Assistant recognizes intention in requests that can be received via multiple channels. Watson Assistant is trained based on real-live requests and can understand the query based on the acting AI context and intention. Large search queries are routed to Watson Discovery and seamlessly embedded into the search result. With each interaction, the solution gets better and can soon be used unsupervised in customer interactions.

Why should IBM Watson Assistant be used?

Optimize the customer experience by providing fast, accurate, and always-on answers.

Watson Assistant is embedded in the existing customer interaction interface and is primarily designed to answer simple, recurring questions quickly, comprehensively and accurately. Customers avoid phone queues and human agents can focus on more complicated queries. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also the response quality.

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  • Definition of the use case

    Our procedure is determined by the approach of first identifying the concrete use cases and challenges  technical and functional  with different workshops. Afterwards, the procedure and the selection of solution components are defined. 

  • Identifying the effort

    In the spirit of an agile project approach, it has proven useful to first create an "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product), which can be used to determine not only the technical feasibility, but also the technical effort required.

  • Know-how and expertise

    We support our customers through broad know-how, intensive partnership with manufacturers and project experience.

Benefit from IBM Watson Assistant:

24 x 7 Availability

No dependence on opening hours or call volume. Information is available immediately.

Accurate results

Years of experience with AI in text processing enables accurate results that benefit customers – appropriate, correct, comprehensible answers in the first interaction.

Simple development

Development in Watson-Assistant takes place in a clear, easy-to-learn interface. The agent independently recognizes variations and deviations in the question in order to provide suitable answers.


Watson Assistant integrates seamlessly into existing interaction channels. The prefabricated integration in Watson Discovery also allows "long-tail" questions to be answered, i.e. queries for which a search in knowledge databases is needed.

Test the solution in our demo platform

By providing our comprehensive demo and customer data platform, we offer customers the opportunity to get a very quick and pragmatic impression of the AI solution IBM Cloud Pak for Data. IBM Watson Assistant is also available for testing.

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