LAPP Group provides integrated Social Intranet

"An intranet must offer added value"

Stuttgart/Cologne – The internationally established LAPP Group focuses on the internal factor "communication" using IBM Connections (today: HCL Connections) and the Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections (XCC, today integrated in in HCL Connections Engagement Center). In their new intranet LAPP Group combines communication and collaboration: Employees from all locations around the world use the new platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge management.

LAPP group employees are spread all over the globe. Their main focus and interests are eclectic and influenced by their location and their division. The former intranet did not meet this knowledge need and was also not accessible for all affiliates. The stored information was mostly static and often outdated. For employees, there was no way to contribute content by themselves or exchange information over the intranet.

Overall, the added value that employees received from the intranet was too low. Therefore, the intranet faded into the background more and more.

Information, communication and interaction on one platform

"An intranet that is not being used, serves no one. We have therefore asked our employees what they want and expect: Communication and interaction were high up on the wish list,” Eva Martinez, BHR HR & Organisational Development, Lapp Holding AG, explains. As a result, LAPP decided to introduce a new intranet platform that would bring the whole company together intensively.

In addition to up-to-date information it should provide opportunities for cross-site knowledge sharing and information management. "We looked at several solutions and liked IBM Connections best. The software is intuitive and already comes with a lot of features by default," Eva Martinez recalls. With IBM Connections, the intranet should become an instrument of employees and improve international cooperation.

"XCC completely revolutionized our intranet! Relevant content can be maintained entirely intuitive in seconds and is now globally accessible; this is a real innovation."

Eva MartinezBHR HR & Organisational DevelopmentLapp Holding AG

Central knowledge reservoir: IBM Connections

Discussing in forums, explaining information in wikis or blogs, or uploading files – IBM Connections is a powerful platform for internal collaboration. The entire LAPP Group benefits from shared knowledge management in IBM Connections:

Employees can create communities to their areas of expertise and exchange ideas with their colleagues regardless of their location.

Basic data of the employee profiles are easily accessible. Additional, LAPP-specific fields adjust the profile content optimally to the requirements of the LAPP Group (Schema-Extension).

If employees search for internal expertise, they will find it in IBM Connections: Which colleague is a specialist in this field? Are there files regarding a special topic that have already been written in the company? IBM Connections serves as a central knowledge repository in which the internal know-how is bundled.

The new Social Intranet also required a central homepage, showing all relevant company information. "We first heard of the TIMETOACT Web Content Management Extension, short XCC, through IBM," Martinez says. In addition to the peer-to-peer collaboration of IBM Connections, XCC enables the classic top-down communication. "To my mind IBM Connections is only complete with XCC," Eva Martinez enthuses, because IBM Connections and XCC cover exactly the requirements of the global enterprise.

Internal corporate communications in a collaboration platform

he Web Content Management Extension (XCC) expands IBM Connections by a classical intranet homepage in the corporate design of LAPP group. This allows Internal Communications to specifically control and spread information in the new Social Intranet. All content is created in IBM Connections and then integrated via widgets on the homepage. Next to the flexible widgets for different news areas such as Company, Region or HR, external cont-ent completes the informative home page

"For us, the classic home page was extremely important. The new Lappnet has been received very well by our employees. This was certainly due to the fact that the interface is so intuitive. But also the homepage with classic intranet feeling has contributed much to the acceptance."

Eva Martinez

IBM Connections Full-Service of TIMETOACT: Professional design, implementation & coaching

TIMETOACT didn’t only take care of the implementation of IBM Connections and XCC, but also assisted with the technical design and employee training. Together, LAPP Group and TIMETOACT developed a marketing and communication concept and worked out social media guidelines. A clear authorization concept originated from the direct cooperation with the employee organization and the data protection officer.

The administrators and staff of the German LAPP Group locations were trained on-site, while the other international locations have been introduced via webinars to their new internal platform.

Used technologies:

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The LAPP Group manufactures and sells flexible cable, data and fiber optic cables worldwide. In 17 production sites, 100 representatives and 41 sales subsidiaries, the company employs more than 3150 people.

Sector: Cable, data cable and optical fiber
Employees: 3150

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