Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Shared accounts, administrator accounts, user accounts, passwords – PAM is essential for the security of your company!

Privileged Access Management is gaining in importance in the overall view of security in a company. There are several reasons for this: The challenge of dealing with shared accounts for use in social media, administrator accounts on appliances and in applications or in security systems, administration accounts for providers, technical user accounts – almost impossible to handle without technical assistance.

Relevanz von Passwörtern bei PAM

Relevance of passwords

The fact that users of your systems have to change their passwords regularly but passwords for privileged accounts such as administrators are static and passed on often goes unnoticed. Especially system accounts are usually provided with static passwords, which are even given in plain text for background processes.

Meeting the requirements

Not only the compliance requirements for seamless traceability of access to relevant data but also the requirements of the GDPR and employee protection must be covered. These are no longer limited to banks and insurance companies; industry also needs to meet these requirements. Especially internationally active companies depending on data exchange have possibilities to establish a management and recording of access to plans and other important data. Tools that allow administration tasks through personalized accounts give employees more security.

The right vendor for every project

Together with our technology partners, we deliver first-class products and solutions to minimize these risks. The implementation takes place in manageable project steps so that neither the organization nor the users are overtaxed. 

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Your benefit from Privileged Access Management tools:

  • Administration of administrative accounts
  • Granular assignment of privileged rights
  • Implementation of access and password policies
  • Delegation of individual administration tasks
  • Evaluation of logs during a security incident
  • Greater transparency for external access

Our services for you:

  • Evaluation of the suitable solution
  • Development of processes for handling privileged access
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Support
  • Operation / Managed Service

Topics on Privileged Access Management:

Password Manager

Vault: protection of passwords and SSH keys in a certified vault (encryption algorithm AES 256). The open bastion architecture also allows integration of third-party vaults.

Management and protection: Planning of blocking and changing of passwords and SSH keys thanks to the fine granularity possible thanks to the management of security policies and adjustable workflow.

Session Management

Management and administration of privileged accounts: direct access to accounts by using native clients (putty, winscp, openssh ...), integrating different connection preferences and setting specific workflows to authorize access.

Real-time visualization: visualize RDP, SSH and application sessions. Generate alerts and remotely terminate sessions if necessary: Whitelisting or blacklisting functions, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions, "four-eye mode" for monitoring, widget warning in case of anomalies, input analysis...

Reporting and Audit: Trace every action back to a person and track every connection, generate statistical reports on actions and audit history, replay sessions of users, generate scripts and metadata of sessions.

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