Efficient quality and contract controlling

RAIL ANALYTICS 4.0 for the NordWest Railway

With Cubeware Cockpit, NordWest Bahn has implemented an industry-specific reporting system that covers all reporting, planning and analysis requirements in a user-friendly web portal.

Stringent transport contract management is a crucial success factor in the young market of private local rail passenger transport (SPNV). Together with Cubeware partner TIMETOACT, NordWestBahn has developed a system solution for integrated contract, quality and financial controlling that supports both efficient reporting to contractors and internal reporting. With the user-friendly BI solution, the department responsible for contractor management has data evaluation under its own control and can specifically manage the optimization of quality, penalties and revenues.


  • Cubeware Cockpit

  • IBM Cognos TM1

  • Oracle 12 c Enterprise Edition (DWH)

  • Talend DI Enterprise (ETL)

  • Diverse previous systems: COSware (Maintenance), CSC RBL (computer-based Train Traffic Control System), e.g. self-developed branch solution on basis of Microsoft SQL Server QM, Tarife)

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A key success factor in the still young market for private local rail transport is the management of the transport contracts that new providers enter with the public transport authorities. Among other things, the contracts contain specific quality specifications for the operation of the lines and transport networks to be managed. Since there are narrow limits to increasing revenue and margins through ticket sales, quality and cost control, and in particular the avoidance of penalties for non-compliance with the contractually regulated requirements, is a key starting point for profit-oriented corporate management.


In order to map the demanding controlling, NordWestBahn needed a modern, automated reporting solution that also optimally supports the constantly increasing reporting requirements to multiple daily reporting to several contractors. Together with BI specialist and Cubeware partner TIMETOACT, the responsible department therefore developed a user-oriented complete solution for contract controlling after a thorough analysis of the initial situation, which enables efficient reporting and forward-looking control according to defined target figures.


The reporting system is designed as a clear portal with the components quality reporting and maintenance reporting. The underlying BI solution also contains reporting modules for management and EAV reporting (revenues), which are also to be integrated into the portal in further project steps. The goal is an end-to-end system solution in which detailed transport contract accounting is integrated with the classic financial view (P&L, balance sheet) and other controlling topics according to proven best practices from TIMETOACT.

NordWestBahn uses the BI system to create its reports to the task managers reliably and efficiently at the push of a button. Even with increasing requirements, completion is foreseeable with the same personnel resources. In addition, comprehensive internal reporting is available. From daily and monthly report folders to quality reports that are updated several times a day, various recipient groups can access their individual information with Cubeware Cockpit and analyze it as needed.

With the Cubeware solution, we can efficiently fulfill our reporting plans instead of just managing operations.

Heiko SchwafertDivision Manager Contract Management and QualityNordWestBahn GmbH


The basis of the reporting is a central Data Warehouse, which TIMETOACT has set up according to the latest methods. The operational data from various data sources come together in this warehouse. Cubeware Cockpit is also used here and supports a structured DQM process with daily data quality reports. Intelligent rules alert employees to errors in the dataset, and the cockpit's write-back capability enables the responsible departments to correct identified errors directly in the central dataset. This ensures the permanently high quality and completeness of the database.


The BI solution quickly brings tangible benefits. Timely reactions, e.g. to fault messages, the condition of the wagons or the availability of personnel on the basis of current quality reporting, pay off in reduced penalties. Time series, including audit-proof documentation of all change statuses in the DWH, also provide a sound basis for forecasts and targeted optimization. The forward-looking control of finances and operational tasks such as maintenance is also supported by powerful functionality for planning, forecasting and simulation. In addition, the scalable system can be extended with further prognostic applications such as Predictive Analytics for electricity cost optimization.


NordWestBahn sees the data control that the intuitive Cubeware Cockpit brings to the specialist department as a central advantage. Self-service controlling and professionally controlled contract management ensure efficient processes and targeted measures. Digitized information management is also a strong competitive advantage for NordWestBahn when it comes to awarding contracts.

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NordWestbahn is part of the Transdev Group and is one of the largest privately owned railroads in Germany. With approx. 400 locomotive drivers and 200 service staff, the majority of the workforce is on the rails between the Lower Rhine, Ruhr, Weserbergland, the Weser-Ems region and the North Sea. Approx. 300 other employees work in the five workshops, operations control and administration in Osnabrück. 

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