rapID - Identity Governance & Administration Out-of-the-Box

Data protection, data security, authorization and identity management for banks, insurance companies and enterprises.

Questions tackled by rapID:

Grafik der Kernmerkmale von rapID
  • Who has (had) access to which data and when?
  • Why? Who granted the authorization?
  • How can statutory regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, the ECB, BaFin, FinMA with VAIT, BAIT, MaRisk be implemented?
  • Why does it take so long to set up user accounts or assign authorizations?
  • Are authorizations revoked again if they are not needed?
  • Why can't users take action on their own?
  • How can department managers be involved in authorization processes as knowledgeable persons?
  • How can the operational costs for managing authorizations and user accounts be optimized?

Challenges companies face

An Identity Governance & Administration project poses numerous challenges to enterprises, insurance companies and banks that large enterprises have already solved due to their capabilities.

Low IT budgets

Tight IT budgets often prevent the implementation of required Identity and Access Management solutions.

High complexity

Requirements gathering and documentation is a technically complex process in traditional projects, as is vendor selection and implementation of the chosen solution.

Lack of expertise

The necessary expertise and the professional and technological resources are not present or available in the organization.

Laws and regulations

Laws and regulatory requirements are understood in terms of content, but are difficult to put into practice technologically.

"Identity as a managed Service" with rapID

Why rapID?

80 percent of customer requirements are the same across customers – and rapID already meets these technological requirements as standard. rapID is a bundling of all necessary components from technology, infrastructure and service in one package based on our best practices experience.

The comprehensive Identity Governance & Administration solution manages identities, roles, user accounts and their authorizations in target systems for companies, banks and insurance companies "out-of-the-box" and meets the requirements of, for example, the GDPR, the ECB, BaFin, FinMA, etc.

Thus, rapID is not only available in the shortest possible time, but is also easy to implement, operate and manage without interfering with day-to-day business.

Benefits from rapID:

  • Plannable, simple and cost-effective licensing

    An investment must be plannable. rapID is provided at a fixed annual cost so that the budget can be planned accordingly.

  • Standardized methodology for design and implementation

    Why reinvent the wheel when other companies have already solved the same or similar challenges. Our best practice approach exploits existing know-how and expertise for design and implementation.

  • Regulatory requirements already implemented

    All functions that answer the legal or regulatory requirements are already configured and can be used immediately.

  • Rapid deployment and integration

    rapID is delivered as a modular solution. Each module delivers a number of preconfigured functions that can be integrated into your IT infrastructure very easily and quickly.

  • Included operation and maintenance costs

    License costs naturally include operation and maintenance, so there are no hidden or surprise costs.

  • Included administration costs

    On request, the daily administration can also be carried out by our experts, also at calculable fixed prices.

TIMETOACT is your partner

Decades of expertise

rapID combines state-of-the-art technology, the best infrastructure, comprehensive know-how, and decades of experience of our experts at TIMETOACT. Choosing rapID reduces the effort of implementation, operation, and maintenance. In addition, you benefit from TIMETOACT's expertise and best practice as a leading consulting and implementation company for IT Security and Identity & Access Governance topics.

Deployment, operation and maintenance

In addition to the provision, TIMETOACT also takes over the operation and maintenance of the solution, on-premise or in the Cloud, which significantly reduces the implementation effort and time processes. The solution is provided and put into operation at a fixed price and in a fixed time window. Accordingly, our customers have planning security during implementation and especially during budgeting.

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