Lantal builds a fully integrated social intranet platform

with IBM Connections and XCC

Lantal develops, produces and distributes textiles and services for the transport industry worldwide. More than 400 employees generated approx. CHF 100 million in revenue in 2015. With the social collaboration platform IBM Connections (now HCL Connections) and XCC - Web Content & Custom Apps (now integrated in HCL Connections Engagement Center), a complete and highly integrated platform was created that harmoniously combines collaboration and internal corporate communication. The structured area pages based on XCC make it easier for employees to enter the worlds of social collaboration and social intranet.

Initial Situation
Value for the customer

Employees are one of the most important secrets of Lantal's success. With a focus on quality, the traditional Swiss company has been on the road to success since it was founded in 1886 and has established itself as a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of textiles and services for aircraft, train, bus and executive interiors.

Bundling expertise in the social intranet with IBM Connections

The expertise of the employees, but also their enjoyment of the textile industry, ensures Lantal's high quality standard. In order to further improve the mutual, worldwide exchange, Lantal decided in 2014 to set up a social intranet based on IBM Connections. The social collaboration solution from IBM with corresponding add-on modules from various providers includes numerous functions that simplify collaboration: In addition to activity management, the communities provide employees with blogs, wikis and forums for exchanging information. The integrated document management system automatically versions uploaded files, allows simultaneous work on content with IBM Docs and thus promotes joint work. "In a social business platform, content is no longer structured as in the classic intranet. As a result, our employees had partially a hard time finding the information that was relevant to them. Running an additional intranet with the classic corporate information was out of the question for us at any point; we never wanted to create parallel worlds and duplicate content," explains Georg Probst, Director Business Engineering Infrastructure at Lantal Textiles. "We finally became aware of the XCC add-on product through a partner friend in the textile industry. Actually, we had not planned to introduce an extension for IBM Connections in this area – however, this tool completely convinced us from the very first moment. We have rarely had a product in use as quickly as with XCC after evaluation."

"With XCC, we were not only able to structure, but also to adapt the look and feel of the intranet home page to the design of our Internet presence. This gives us a high recognition value, which enabled our employees to immediately find their way around the new social platform."

Georg ProbstDirector Business Engineering InfrastructureLantal Textiles

Structured information improves user acceptance

The XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension enables Lantal to design structured area pages with customized navigation within IBM Connections. XCC provides more than 50 different widgets for this purpose, with which the content created in IBM Connections can be aggregated individually and specifically. No matter where the content was created on the platform: With XCC, it can be displayed collectively on a central landing page. It also enables the integration of external content. "With XCC, we have not only structured, but also adapted the look and feel of the intranet start page to the design of our Internet presence. This gives us a high level of recognition, which means that our employees can immediately find their way around the new social platform," says Georg Probst.

The integrated intranet is well received by employees

The fact that XCC was very well received not only by the initiating project group, but also by the employees themselves, was already clear during the test phase. "The feedback from the test users was very good right from the start," describes Georg Probst. "We therefore decided very early on to not only implement the start page with XCC. With us, each company division as well as many communities also receive their own landing page – created using XCC – with their own navigation."

After the successfully completed test phase, Lantal introduced XCC in steps throughout the company in January 2016. "The XCC extension for IBM Connections has convinced us all along the line. It makes IBM Connections even more of a fully integrated platform," Georg Probst is certain. "At the same time, we are far from using the full potential. For example, we have not yet fully exploited the possibilities for further personalization of content."

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About Lantal Textiles

Lantal Textiles is leading in the design, manufacture and marketing of textiles and services for international air, bus, rail, executive jets in addition to superyachts. Its customers include more than 300 airlines and all the world's leading aircraft and seat manufacturers.
Industry: Textile, airline supplier (manufacturing & trading)
Employees: 400+
Reach: International

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