Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is a continuous process in which all affected stakeholders are involved. We are happy to advise you.

Software asset management is a continuous process

In order to successfully establish this process in the company, it is necessary to involve all affected stakeholders in the design and implementation. Due to increasing complexity, costs and risks, Software Asset Management has become a cross-divisional issue. Today, IT operations, purchasing, specialist departments and possibly Software Development are all involved. That's why more information must be exchanged and different interests must be taken into account.

We advise you methodically and strategically along the SAM value chain to ensure the success of your project.

Processes and responsibilities (roles) are defined, standardized and documented through targeted processes. We advise you on the selection and maintenance of a SAM tool suitable for your needs, in order to process relevant information faster and share it with the various stakeholders in the company. Thanks to our technological know-how, we do not only deal with the license and compliance view, but also take into account the technical requirements of the business departments and IT operations. To support your ongoing Software Asset Management, we offer appropriate Managed Services – from tool maintenance to the final reporting.

The IASP program in detail

Dr. Peter Singer, IASP Focal Point D-A-CH, explains how the IBM Authorized SAM Partner Program works.

Our offer:

Consulting for the optimization or introduction of your Software Asset Management process

Consulting, implementation and maintenance of SAM tools

Support of your operational SAM process (proactive or on demand), such as review of licenses and contracts, needs assessment, report generation, friendly audit

Webcast: "IBM Audit - Never again - Maintain Software Compliance with IASP proactively and cooperatively"

With the IBM Authorized SAM Provider Program (IASP), IBM has created the possibility to permanently ensure your correct licensing within the framework of a service provider contract. IASP is therefore an interesting alternative to IBM Compliance Audits. 

Together with IBM and Anglepoint, we have organized a webcast on this topic, available here.

In the webcast you will receive answers to the following questions:

  • Why did IBM decide to implement this program?
  • What are the requirements to participate in the program?
  • What are the benefits during the term of the IASP contract?
  • How can the TIMETOACT GROUP help me?

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