Software Compliance

Be in control of Software Compliance and avoid unpleasant and cost-intensive audits by an auditor!

Software Compliance

Have you ever driven a car without insurance coverage? That's how it feels when you are not in control of your Software License inventory and contracts. An audit by an auditor is like a self-inflicted accident without proper insurance – very expensive!

Even if you have used your contracts and your licensing in accordance with the rules and no or only minimal additional payment is due: The effort to collect, consolidate and prepare all the necessary data is considerable and costs a lot of time, both for employees and management.

What benefits do vendors gain from Software Compliance Audits?

In recent years (according to a Gartner study) the large software vendorshave achieved (through auditors such as Deloitte and KPMG) more than 30% of their sales from Compliance Audits. This does not include the number of sales that are regulated by compliance settlements (agreements that are intended to mitigate the outcome of an audit). The verification is carried out at random: either through questionnaires or visits directly to the client. As a rule, however, a review can be expected every three years.

In the case of missing licenses, the vendors are required to buy the missing licenses at list prices, and in many cases additional "penalty payments" in the form of retroactive maintenance are demanded. The complexity of the contracts and license terms do not make it easy for customers to feel secure.

What does this mean for you?

No matter how large or small your company is, you should ask yourself these questions at least once a year:


  • Which software contracts do I have?
  • Are they economical?
  • Even more important: Are they legally secure?


  • Which license types did I choose?
  • Do I adhere to the licensing terms?
  • Do I understand the license terms?

Individual adjustments to your licenses:

  • Do I adapt my contracts and the associated licensing to my constantly changing IT infrastructure?
  • What effects do acquisitions, corporate structures and affiliations have on my compliance?

Our offer:

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