Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analyses

Ever-shorter development and release cycles offer the potential to expand and enhance the business value of software solutions.

Ever shorter development and release cycles with new or additional functions and application scenarios offer the potential to expand and enhance the business value of software solutions. However, the multitude of possibilities, new technology providers and the most diverse operating models in the Cloud also increase the complexity of the solutions and it is becoming more and more difficult to compare individual software solutions, providers and operating models.

The optimal software solution for you:

As TIMETOACT GROUP we have broad project experience in the design, implementation and operation of software solutions. In the past 20 years we have successfully implemented more than 1,000 projects with our customers in the fields of Digital Workplace, Customer Experience, AI & Data Science, Analytics & BI, Process Integration & Automation, Enterprise Content Management and Security:

With our comprehensive project experience and our broad technology know-how we can optimally support you in using your software solution in the right cost-benefit ratio. We offer you:

  • Decision making for the introduction of new software solutions
  • Feasibility studies for the replacement of legacy applications
  • TCO comparison of different technology and solution providers

The right vendor for every requirement:

In our projects we use a wide range of technologies from the relevant market leaders to niche providers and Open Source software. Thus we are always in touch with the latest trends and can compare the performance of different software components realistically and in relation to your requirements.

Our Success Stories:

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