TIMETOACT teamCalendar

Group calendar for Domino Notes

Scheduling and appointment coordination for departments and teams

Hände halten Handy mit Kalenderansicht

TIMETOACT teamCalendar (formerly edcom teamCalendar) provides you with the functions you need for everyday work simplification, time saving and productivity in a project, secretarial and corporate organization:

  • Effective scheduling and coordination for teams with Notes.
  • Quick overview of the current appointments of the project group
  • Overview at a glance of the availability of colleagues
  • Meaningful information on appointment entries

The TIMETOACT teamCalendar complements the standard Domino Notes calendaring & scheduling with a group calendar functionality. The users work with their personal Notes calendars in the mail files - an agent takes over the entries from the individual Notes calendars and displays the appointments of persons, groups and departments in clear views (by "Today", "Person by date" ... ). The TIMETOACT teamCalendar displays the entries in Notes standard views, in a Notes calendar view and as symbolic overviews. Not only blocked appointment times are displayed, but also important details about the appointments. Users access the teamCalendar via Notes client or browser.

Starting with version 8 the TIMETOACT teamCalendar supports the mobile connection to iPhone, Blackberry and other current smartphones. All advantages of the TIMETOACT teamCalendar for the collaboration of teams are thus also usable with the mobile phones from on the way. TIMETOACT teamCalendar 8 is executable from Domino / Notes 7.0 - the mobile connection requires Domino 8.5.

Convenient functions

Clarity and detailed information

Different views by person and group are available to the user, as well as special icon overviews with important appointment details.

Special views

A separate view for vacation days supports vacation planning in the team. In addition, as of version 8 of teamCalendar, the views Tasks and Anniversaries have been integrated. Optionally, "Tasks" and the "Anniversaries" (holidays, birthdays...) can now be read, which are displayed in two separate views. Whether anniversaries are read in is defined in the member document. Usually only the anniversaries of a (central) calendar will be read, so that e.g. the holidays do not exist several times.

Individual adjustments via the user profile

Several displays and settings for the teamCalendar can be customized by the user via his user profile. This includes the display of time bars, appointment symbols and appointment shortcuts.

Additional options for individual needs

In addition to the internal groups that are set up centrally by the administrator in teamCalendar, the user also has the option to create a personal group that he needs for his everyday work. He also configures this group himself in the user profile by simply selecting the persons. In the navigator, the views by person and date as well as a calendar display are then available for his personal group.

Entering appointment entries for other users

Authorized users (e.g. supervisors) have the possibility to enter appointment entries for other users via the teamCalendar. These appointment entries are optionally transferred to the mail files of the users - a notification about the appointment entry is sent via infomail. If changes are necessary, the appointment entries can be moved or deleted from the TIMETOACT teamCalendar.

Entering entries for persons only in teamCalendar

In addition, the user has the option to enter an appointment entry for a specific person only in teamCalendar, e.g. that a person is sick, in order to inform colleagues about the absence.

Entering appointments for non-notes members

Appointments for non-notes users are recorded via appointment entries and only displayed in the teamCalendar. If a mail address is specified, the non-notes user will be notified about his appointment entries via mail, he himself accesses the teamCalendar via browser to view his appointments in the different views.

Recording of appointments such as trade fairs and events

It is also possible to create appointments like fairs, events, internal, all etc. (formerly "central appointments" in the teamCalendar versions up to teamCalendar 8) for a corresponding "non-notes user" and to enter them via appointment entries. These appointments appear only in teamCalendar and are visible as central information for all employees.

Repeat function for all-day appointment entries

An event entry (event only, i.e. all-day) can also be entered with repeats.

OutOfOffice agent activation

The OutOfOffice agent can be activated and deactivated for appointment entries in the corresponding mail file. If an employee has become ill, for example, the authorized colleague/supervisor can activate the OutOfOffice agent of the absent colleague. The associated mail texts can be set up centrally in the process. This option is protected with an additional role, so that not all users who are allowed to make appointment entries can also automatically perform this activation.

Convenient data processing

In order to further process data, the data of one or more persons can be exported directly into an Excel folder.

Extensive printing options

A variety of print options are available for printing calendar entries, e.g. person-related appointment overviews for one, two or four weeks.


The administrator configures the application via the database profile. Centrally defined are e.g.:

  • Whether private appointments or preregistered appointments are read in?
  • How far in advance and how far back the appointments are read?
  • At which times of the day appointments are read?
  • Whether appointments are also read on holidays and weekends?
  • and many more configuration options


The TIMETOACT teamCalendar 8 is executable under Domino / Notes from version 7.0 - the mobile connection requires Domino 8.5.

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