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TIMETOACT networks top management and employees of thyssenkrupp AG

The digitization of society and technological progress are changing the labor market at an accelerating pace. Processes are optimized, companies are encouraged to new communication solutions. From Industry 4.0 to Leadership 4.0 – the leadership of the future!

The term Industry 4.0 describes the changed possibilities that arise through digital technology in the field of production. Machines are able to communicate with each other. It is only natural that this also brings changes for the management level. The behavior of supervisors must fit the needs of a digitized world. Managers need to be aware of and respond to these technological changes and the consequences that arise.

If you expect trust, you have to give trust

Since thyssenkrupp AG attaches great importance to transparency and direct contact with employees, they aimed to create a direct communication channel to the Executive Board. For this purpose, the software "direktzu®" was initially used as a stand-alone solution. When, in 2016, thyssenkrupp introduced the collaboration platform IBM Connections ("we.connect") with TIMETOACT as partner, the stand-alone solution was to be integrated into the platform. In order to harmonize the software landscape, thyssenkrupp turned to TIMETOACT at the end of 2017 with a request to examine how the previous software solution could be replaced and newly set up within we.connect. The result was the newly development "CxO Connect", which was completely integrated into the collaboration platform of thyssenkrupp AG under the old name "direktzu®" and adapted to the customer's requirements.

"CxO Connect" – the communication channel of the Digital Leadership!

The abbreviation for this tool summarizes the entirety of "chief titles", whereby the "x" is to be understood as a place holder for the respective position. "CxO Connect" facilitates the exchange with superiors and makes the management level more accessible. Employees are given the opportunity to participate directly and communication with the board is made possible.

The ideal management tool, therefore, to change in the direction of a new digital age and live more transparency.

Value for the customer

The use of CxO Connect ("direktzu®") creates a basis of trust that motivates the employee to actively participate in the company's business. For example, the board level receives direct feedback on change processes and is made aware of problems within the organization.

Leadership in digital change or: Leadership by example!

Especially in the digital age, the focus is on the human being! Leadership 4.0 is based on trust and communication at eye level, as well as the close involvement of employees.The networking of people in the company is becoming increasingly important across departments.

The digital workplace enables more intensive and equal communication between employees and supervisors. This employee-oriented leadership style creates a direct and open corporate culture that seeks dialogue with the employee. On the one hand, the management benefits from the expertise of each individual and the employee on the other feels valued and respected. The feeling of being involved and being listened to strengthens the bond with the company and motivates to pursue and implement common goals.

Management now has the ability to quickly and transparently learn about the concerns of its employees and address issues within the organization. It encourages employees to adopt a culture of openness and gives them the opportunity to discuss issues relevant to them.This also benefits thyssenkrupp AG.

The implementation of "direktzu®" by TIMETOACT is a complete success - until today the portal counts more than 12.000 users.

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About thyssenkrupp AG

Thyssenkrupp AG is a German industrial group. The company is headquartered in Essen and employs more than 158,000 people from all continents. Openness, transparency, mutual appreciation and commitment are the top priorities at thyssenkrupp.

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