A success story: Introduction of ICEC at thyssenkrupp AG

At thyssenkrupp, TIMETOACT is further expanding the social intranet we.connect based on IBM Connections with ICEC, setting new standards in terms of collaboration and communication. Since then, the platform has been constantly developed and optimized so that it matches the requirements of thyssenkrupp AG. As a result, the company combines knowledge management, file storage and enterprise-wide interaction.

Throughout the project TIMETOACT supports the customer in the technical and professional implementation as well as in the support of the employees - with great success: So far, more than 250 communities use ICEC as the start page and there are more every day

Our thyssenkrupp journey

August 2016: The customer shows interest in ICEC

October 2016 – January 2017: Introduction of ICEC and relaunch of the homepage

In cooperation with the customer, a concept for the home page is developed. In workshops, together with Corporate Communications, news communities are set up to feed the home page widgets. The native Activity Stream is supplemented with some ICEC widgets. Employees can quickly find out about current and relevant topics in IBM Connections. In addition, a personalization of the widgets is set up to enable a targeted approach of the users. The homepage goes live next to the activity stream with the following widgets:


The Bookmarks widget enables the user to save content in their own bookmarks. These can be created both via the widget itself and via an asterisk in the header.

„In Focus“

In order to place topics that affect your own workspace more prominently, the "In focus" widget recommends communities that are individualized according to the respective department.

Global campaigns and information“

Campaigns, actions and important information can be promoted temporarily using the teaser widget. Adding and removing the items is very easy and flexible to use.

„Already read?“

Here an overview with company news from different channels is created.

we.connect training overview

With the events widget employees can catch at a glance which trainings to we.connect are currently offered.

January 2017 – May 2017: ICEC for Communities is becoming a complete success:

Parallel to the go-live of the new homepage, the first ICEC for Communities pages are being set up and are advancing as beacons for other departments. TIMETOACT also trains employees in working with ICEC. By May 2017, ICEC for Communities is set up for more than 70 communities with its users.

The individual ICEC pages give communities more structure, making their use even more user-friendly and appealing. Depart-ment-specific information can thus be called up more quickly and knowledge can be exchanged more purposefully.

August 2017: Start of the weekly ICEC on-site support

User adoption continues. TIMETOACT now supports thyssenkrupp with weekly on-site support in the design and construction of ICEC pages. A dedicated Help Community for ICEC is set up to provide training material, key information and news, as well as best practices around ICEC for participants. During consultations, community owners are supported in setting up their ICEC pages. In addition, a network of employees is established, who in turn will spread ICEC in the company.

March 2018: Within just half a year, the number of ICEC for Communities pages doubles

Weekly support, training and employee network are paying off. The number of ICEC for Communities pages is doubling within six months. The high quality of the sites also shows that the training and on-site support have a lasting effect and that community owners are able to maintain and further develop their own pages.

October 2017 – September 2018: The next evolutionary stage of user adoption is achieved – agile and fast implementation of special requirements

Weekly support gathers a wide range of requirements from departments. This results in many creative ICEC pages and new projects. Interactive training materials, graphical solutions development and campaign execution - TIMETOACT successfully implements any request for IBM Connections and ICEC from the customer in the shortest possible time. In addition, the collaboration has been extended to the development of new tools and software solutions. By integrating the tools in IBM Connections and ICEC, the platform continues to evolve, adapting to the rest of the IT landscape and customer requirements.

Value for the customer

"ICEC offers our employees the opportunity to create their own overview pages, where they can determine for themselves what is relevant for them and the respective department. This way, they can individually adapt the platform for themselves and make it diver-se. It creates a real exchange between employees." (Quote Agnes Tesch,  Manager Internal Communications)

With ICEC and "ICEC for Communities" pages, all current topics and information are clearly summarized - from company-wide news to department-internal information and appointments. The various divisions benefit from their own landing pages, the contents of which they can define and maintain themselves.

This way, the employee is able to capture and filter everything worth knowing at a glance while visiting a community or depart-mental page.

To be continued...

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About thyssenkrupp AG

Thyssenkrupp AG is a German industrial group. The company is headquartered in Essen and employs more than 158,000 people from all continents. Openness, transparency, mutual appreciation and commitment are the top priori-ties at thyssenkrupp.

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