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TIMETOACT presents the project highlights of thyssenkrupp AG

Within a few days the campaign "#tkgoesIAA" is born

Initial situation

For the IAA in Frankfurt, thyssenkrupp approached the TIMETOACT GROUP with the request to develop a platform that enables users to post updates on the trade fair and location information as well as to network the employees working on-site.


Within a very short time, the TIMETOACT GROUP implemented its own overview page tailored to this trade fair in the IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC for short). All relevant information channels were summarized here. Twitter feeds were also included, as were Facebook postings and the Youtube playlist. In addition, the activity stream provided the opportunity to upload IAA information and images.

Value for the customer

This solution enabled the on-site staff to share the impressions of the fair internally with the staff in the offices and factories, thus further highlighting the event.

Enjoy learning with interactive training materials

Initial situation

The training tool "Pronet" was to be made more user-friendly in order to provide better orientation within the learning materials.


From the content supplied, the TIMETOACT GROUP developed a concept that works with animations and is structured like the buildings of a city with individual floors. The various wiki pages were incorporated as embedded experiences and the content was made available in a kind of wiki. Here you can get information about basics as well as more in-depth content - for example in the so-called "knowledge library."

Value for the customer

The visualization of the training concept promotes the attention of the respective employee. This leads to a better and more sustainable memorization of the learning content. In addition, the playful presentation invites you to take a constant interest in the topic and to return to the implemented learning concept.

Beyond the standard with custom widgets

With the development of custom widgets, several individual solutions were implemented. As an excerpt, we would like to present you this example

Video Channel Widget

Initial Situation

Within a blog, the board of a business area communicates with employees. Videos will give them the opportunity to be informed about current company events or news. However, the video contributions were confusing in their presenta-tion. The TIMETOACT GROUP was tasked with developing a solution that enables efficient sorting and findability.


A custom widget has been developed for the company's ICEC site, which displays blog posts by using tags. As a result, the individual videos are sorted by channels and categories and can be accessed faster. The respective video channels are displayed as sliders, while a click on the channel opens the playlist.

Value for the customer

The solution offers employees a targeted approach to finding specific videos. The individual need for information is much better and easier satisfied.

Used technologies:

Logo HCL

About thyssenkrupp AG

Thyssenkrupp AG is a German industrial group. The compa-ny is headquartered in Essen and employs more than 158,000 people from all continents. Openness, transparency, mutual appreciation and commitment are the top priori-ties at thyssenkrupp.

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