TIMETOACT teamOffice CRM Suite

Optimize customer processes

Put corporate communications in the spotlight

Teamarbeit traditionell mit Stifft und Papier

Use the best of both worlds and combine the advantages of Domino Notes with CRM.

With TIMETOACT teamOffice (formerly edcom teamOffice, eto for short) you put your customer transactions at the center of your company communication and processes. You work productively in teams and communicate across departments and companies.

The entry into productive CRM starts with the basic modules eto Address, eto Contact + Lead as well as eto Correspondence. The modules enable centrally created and centrally stored customer communication that can be tracked at any time by the team or across companies.

Features and advantages

  • Modularity: basic entry with the basic modules Address, Contact + Lead and Correspondence
  • Convenient Office applications, including mail merge functionality, Notes or Word editor
  • Structured information linking: Mapping of dependencies/inheritance of information
  • Teamwork / cross-departmental communication: Centralized exchange of information between employees (Infomails)
  • Information about updates to documents: Change notifications via Notes mail newsletter in all databases
  • Retrieval of information: Analysis function across all modules used - company- and person-oriented
  • Fast creation of documents via a duplication function
  • User-related security settings via read and edit rights
  • Protection against accidental deletion through archiving function - if users delete a document, it receives the status "Archived
  • Internal info dispatch to colleagues or superiors with an info text from all modules. Info texts with addressees are documented in the Info/Tracking tab.
  • Easy data export - CSV export via the Tools menu item
  • Convenient data processing - "Address to Clipboard" via the Tools menu item. Transfer of a current address to the Windows clipboard
  • Variable configuration options via own configuration database (eto Config) without further programming effort

TIMETOACT teamOffice Modules


You enter addresses and contact persons in order to create contacts, leads, orders, invoices, newsletters and serial letters on this basis.

Contact + Lead

You will create and manage calls/contacts as well as leads and to-dos.


You create letters, faxes and e-mails or documents of the type "Info".


You get an overview of anniversaries and maintenance details of your customer licenses.


You create quotations, orders, order confirmations, invoices and reminders.


You document and manage your company projects.


You will manage incoming invoices, control and monitor invoice due dates and payment approvals.


You record working times for orders, support, etc., in order to be able to invoice projects accurately, for example.


They manage trainings, conferences or similar events with their participants.

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