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Vacation and absence management

Vacation approval with workflow for Notes users

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Simple, clear, indvidual workflow - TIMETOACT Vacation Manager (formerly edcom Vacation Manager) simplifies vacation and absence management for your employees and HR departments using Domino Notes. These are some of the most important features:

  • Easy application
  • Overviews and statistics on vacation and absences at a glance
  • Calendar integration including OutOfOffice control
  • Individually configurable workflow
  • Transparent workflow for deputies, knowledge holders and approvers
  • Protection of personal data
  • Documentation of all processes

The application can be used from Domino / Notes version 7.0, furthermore Non Notes users are integrated in the vacation and absence management.

This is what the TIMETOACT Vacation Manager does
  • Managing the vacation account for each employee, which shows his or her vacation entitlement, the vacation already taken and the vacation still available
  • Managing absences (business trip, business trip, illness)
  • Creation of vacation requests by employees or authorized users. Each leave request is a separate document containing all relevant data such as start, end, duration, the substitute as well as the workflow.
  • Entry of requested/approved requests in the personal Notes calendars (or transfer to TIMETOACT teamCalendar) with automatic update when the request status changes.
  • Via the view "My substitutions" an applicant can see which vacation substitutions he has already taken over
  • Presence information when using Sametime
  • Configure an individual workflow for each account
  • Central maintenance of account settings for different areas/departments through organizational profiles
  • Convenient import of employee data from Domino Directory
  • Web capability for application and deputy knowledge approval workflow
  • A special agent automatically adjusts vacation accounts after a year change
  • Reduction of administrative overhead for individual vacation days not taken through credit requests by users
  • Multilingual Notes and web version (German/English)
Leave requests also for non-notes users

In Vacation Manager, great importance was attached to the integration of non-Notes users. In order to include employees in the company without Notes client in the vacation and absence management, non-Notes accounts are also available. In this account it is defined which Notes users (owners) in turn are allowed to make requests for this account. Authorized persons can enter a mail address in the account. If requests are then created for Non-Notes users, an information mail is sent to this email address.

Vacation Manager offers these advantages
  • Ajax - Fast construction of views: By using modern web technologies, users get a fast and convenient application
  • Organization profile(s) - Easy maintenance of accounts for different areas/departments: The "Organization Profile" makes it easy to centrally maintain account data such as leave designations, number of leave days, workflow defaults, expiration of remaining leave, etc. for different areas/departments. You can apply the settings to all related accounts, making blanket changes - such as changing an approver for a group - very easy. An individual setting in the account is also possible.
  • Enhancements through additional accounts with contingent - flexible use cases also for other contingents: Vacation Manager is not just limited to approving vacation days. You can define up to three additional accounts per organization / account with a quota and are thus also able to use the additional accounts for the approval of, for example, advanced training by creating an additional account in the organization profile, e.g. for "training days/advanced training".
  • Multiple organizational profiles - departmental use cases: Since you can set up several organizational profiles in TIMETOACT Vacation Manager and up to three additional accounts with quota per organizational profile, e.g. one organizational profile per department, a variety of conceivable applications are available to you in the company via the use of the additional accounts with quota
  • Individual workflow for each account - Customization: For each account you can define an individual workflow, optionally the settings of organization profiles are used.
  • Number of deputies - fixed and variable settings: You can define up to three deputies. The deputies can be "fixed" (requester cannot choose) or variable. You define the entry about the number of substitutes in the employee's account.
  • Flexible Substitute Options - Fixed or Variable, Optional or No Substitute Requirement: In many cases, it can be useful to allow an applicant to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to specify a substitute. With the "optional" option, you provide your employees with this option. The "variable deputy" option, on the other hand, defines that the user must specify a deputy, but can choose one freely.
  • High security: Making changes to accounts or organizational structures is reserved for a single role, so the user does not have any editing option - no matter how minor - for the account.
  • Role-based read access to all documents: For certain users, it may be useful to have read access to all documents (accounts and applications). This option is available through a role
  • OutOfOffice agent activation: For appointment entries of the leave data you can activate and deactivate the OutOfOffice agent in the corresponding mail file. You can set up the associated mail texts centrally in the process.
  • Flexible configuration options: For individual adjustments you have a variety of configuration options

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