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The vacation planner is now also available for the world of Microsoft
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Once in a while, everyone wants to apply for leave – an easy task, isn't it? With the right tool, it becomes even easier.The TIMETOACT Vacation Manager (formerly edcom Vacation Manager) is already successfully in use as a Domino Notes application with over 300,000 user licenses - at companies of all sizes and in all industries. Banks, insurance companies, food manufacturers, energy providers, IT and communication service providers, industry, associations and administrations and many more companies have been working for many years with the TIMETOACT application for simple and convenient vacation application and management.

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From now on, Vacation Manager is also available for the world of Microsoft

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This is what distinguishes the TIMETOACT Vacation Manager for Microsoft Office 365:

  • Web application: easy access via all common browsers
  • Simple user authentication under O365
  • Simple and clear design - intuitive operation
  • Clear annual overview: A separate calendar is integrated into the application, which displays approved vacation days and approved substitute times at a glance, also with detailed information
  • Automatic entries of approved vacation days into the Outlook calendar
  • Automatic entries of deputy approvals into the Outlook calendar
  • Task delegation: a deputy (or approver) can be informed about upcoming tasks he has to do during his deputy time
  • Important planning tool for HR departments

Clear structure and intuitive operation

Vacation Manager User Welcome

A clear vacation account with graphical and tabular overviews

The user gets a clear and completely intuitive interface:

  • Apply for leave
  • Leave account with graphical and tabular overviews
  • Leave calendar annual overview including detailed information
  • Overviews (My vacation requests, My substitutions, My tasks)
  • Automatic calculation of vacation days. Holidays, weekends, etc. are taken into account. Manual correction of the automatic calculation is possible.
  • Support of half vacation days for the first and last vacation day.
  • Substitute selection with the check if the substitute is already on vacation himself. The deputy is selected via the Azure Active Directory.
  • Optional note function to the deputy through a form field.

Coordinated functions through a role-based concept - GDPR-compliant

Depending on the role, users get different functions. For example, users with the Manager role see the teams assigned to them. In the role Manager, Admin and HR, e.g. an Admin panel opens to be able to make various configurations (new employees, number of vacation days ...).

Urlaubsantrag im Vacation ManagerSimple application for the user
Kalenderansicht im Vacation ManagerClear annual view
Simple application for the userClear annual view

Special accounts are freely configurable

In addition to standard leave accounts (annual leave and remaining leave), special accounts are freely configurable, e.g. for further training, parental leave, home office, business trips and more, and also without or with quota/deputy/calendar entries.

Sonderantrag beim Vacation ManagerThe account overview including special accounts
Sonderurlaub beantragen im Vacation ManagerSpecial accounts are freely configurable, e.g. Home Office
The account overview including special accountsSpecial accounts are freely configurable, e.g. Home Office

All advantages at a glance

For the company / HR department

  • One account per employee to keep track of his vacation days including an overview of the remaining vacation from the previous year
  • Besides his vacation days, also the individual specifications for deputies and approvers as well as the working days are defined in the account of the employee
  • Central location management with assignment of individual holidays
  • Central team management for controlling access rights
  • Control of access rights via teams
  • Special functions for HR to change already approved requests retroactively
  • Overviews for HR of all accounts and employees

For the team lead

  • Overview of all accounts and requests of his employees to simplify vacation planning in the team

For the user

  • In the personal account the direct overview of his vacation days including remaining vacation from the past year and upcoming vacation for the next year
  • Automatic calculation of vacation days at the time of application depending on weekends, personal working days (e.g. part-time) and holidays
  • When selecting a substitute, check whether the substitute is on vacation or whether the employee has already agreed to be a substitute for the period in question
  • Automatic entry of the vacation in the personal calendar (Outlook)
  • Transparent overviews for all requests including the respective status (approved, etc.)
  • Direct overviews for pending tasks (substitution, approval)
  • Transparent display in calendar overviews

As of version 1.9.9, two new functions are integrated - team requests and collective requests.
With the team request, a person with the role team leader or team assistant creates a vacation request for a team member if this employee does not have access to Vacation Manager himself at the moment, e.g. during a business trip or on vacation. The usual approval process is maintained.

With the collective request, one person with the HR role creates vacation requests for several employees at the same time without a deputy and without any further approval process. This function is suitable, for example, if the company has ordered company closures on certain days or vacation periods (bridging days, Christmas ...).

Urlaubsantrag im Vacation Manager als mobile AnsichtResponsive Webdesign ...
Vacation Manager in mobiler Ansicht... Application also via smartphone ...
Urlaubsantrag in mobile Ansicht im Vacation Manager... keep the overview wherever you are
Responsive Webdesign ...... Application also via smartphone ...... keep the overview wherever you are
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