Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management was developed for your service team to optimise workflows and processes and to increase the speed of response in the service area.Get in touch with us

About Jira Service Management:

Enable developers, operators, and other teams from different departments to collaborate and improve their service management responsiveness. Respond quickly to incidents, requests, and changes and provide an optimized service experience to your customers.

Why Jira Service Management from Atlassian?

Jira Service Management is the central point of contact for all service requests. Use customizable service portals for customers, employees and other stakeholders. This gives everyone easy access to quickly find the service they need. Jira Service Management not only offers you functions for incident, problem or service request management, it can also support your team with asset management solutions. In this way, give your team an accurate overview of assets, responsibilities and infrastructure to have a consistent level of knowledge for designing a solution. Let users find solutions on their own by connecting your knowledge base to the program.

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Jira Service Management Features

Request management

  • Self-service portal with service desk for customers/employees
  • Reports and metrics to measure, monitor and optimize satisfaction
  • Establishment of SLA agreements

Incident management

  • Alerts and on-call management
  • Notification via various channels (SMS, e-mail, ...)
  • Escalation option of incidents as well as reporting and analysis

Problem management

  • Problem logging and root cause analysis
  • Mapping IT infrastructure with Insights
  • Starting change processes and initiating necessary approvals

Change Management

  • Automate processes with predefined rules
  • Risk assessment engine to determine impact of change
  • Use calendars to manage schedules

Asset and configuration management

  • IT asset tracking, discovery and auditing of resources
  • Dependency mapping
  • Network infrastructure discovery

Use Cases for the Deployment of Jira Service Management

Example 1: Incident Management with Jira Service Management

Incident Management in Jira Service Management allows you to set rules for your service processes as well as escalation, assignment and notification. Create tasks to resolve the incident and assign them to the team. Determine how and when the affected parties will be notified of progress and resolution of the incident.

Example 2: Create a service portal

Create a service portal for your employees and customers. Allow all stakeholders to make targeted service requests. You can customize the services you offer and define what information you need from the customer.

Example 3: Adapt your service management to the task at hand

Use the extension options for Jira Service Management and visually adapt the service portal to your needs. Enable service requests from different sources such as Slack, Teams or emails. Combine Confluence with your service portal and enable independent solution discovery.

ITSM with Jira Service Management

Use the Jira Service Management service portal as a focal point for all your stakeholders' requests. Extend this with Statuspage and Opsgenie. These programs enable you to optimize your incident management. Statuspage monitors all relevant components for you and automatically creates a notification when an incident is received to directly inform people with the same incident. You can create a page to inform everyone involved about the resolution progress. Opsgenie, once an incident has occurred, directly takes care of forwarding it to the right technician. You can store your on-call, escalation plan, responsibilities and communication path in Opsgenie.

Our services for Jira Service Management

We use Jira Service Management for our own service management. This means that we can not only advise you as an Atlassian Solution Partner, but also offer you our know-how as well as solutions created in-house. In this way, you can benefit from our experience. We show you how to integrate your knowledge base, integrate asset management or incorporate other desired functions and implement your requirements with ready-made modules or individually tailored solutions. In this way, we support you in the strategic planning, optimization or implementation of your individual service management solution.

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