Third Party Integration

Integration of HCL Connections and Connections Engagement Center (CEC) between Jira and Confluence
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ICEC Atlassian Confluence & Jira Integration

In addition to IBM Connections and ICEC, many companies use additional tools such as the Wiki Confluence or the ticketing solution Jira, which are specialized for particular groups and tasks, mostly in parts of the organization. For their users, however, this means regularly juggling a number of platforms, browser windows, users and passwords in their everyday work. The concept of bringing the most important information together in a central Digital Workplace platform (HCL and beyond) is now being consistently continued with the ICEC Atlassian Confluence & Jira integration. 

    Atlassian Integration Features

    • Based on the versatile Integration Center
    • Single Sign On
    • Jira Widgets
    • Confluence Widgets 

      Atlassian Integration Benefits 

      • Fewer platform jumps
      • Find information faster
      • Facilitate the entry into the Atlassian world for new or irregular users 
      • Possibility of new dashboard options integrated in ICEC pages 
      • New backend options for a social intranet based on a Confluence Wiki instead of the CNX Wiki for static content like documentation etc. 
      • Basic technology available for various other integration scenarios 

      A uniform basic technology for various other integration projects

      To ensure integration of different systems, the Integration Center consists of a NodeJS server, which optionally runs on a Docker Container onPremise or is hosted by TIMETOACT in a private or public cloud. The NodeJS server is used as a stable middleware to manage the various authentication methods via OAuth. Thus ICEC becomes a platform for information from different systems. 

      Further assets & integrations can be easily integrated into the Integration Center, for example: 

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