Application Development

When standard software reaches its limits – we develop your business application individually for your requirements with Application Development.

What is Application Development?

Application Development refers to the process of modifying, designing and/or developing one or more applications. Development is performed in the following steps: Requirements gathering, prototyping, testing, implementation and integration. This allows gaps in the software landscape to be closed by tailoring applications individually to the customer. In case of Rapid Application Developments, programming takes place on the basis of a continuous development environment.

Our services relating to Application Development:

Types of mobile applications

In classic Mobile Application Development, different types of applications can be distinguished:


We optimize your web application. No matter if progressive webapp or single page application, React or Angular: We support you with selecting the right frameworks and with implementation. 

Hybrid Applications

Combine advantages of a native app with those of a web app. Develop in the programming languages of the web and still use  native features like mobile camera and address book of your cell phone. We are at your side.

Native Applications

Native applications are developed specifically for the operating system. This means that requirements have to be programmed and managed in two different languages. This is very time-consuming, but can still be useful (e.g. high performance of the application). 

Rapid Application Development

Develop your own App quickly with Rapid Application Development.

In order to develop an application, several components must be set up that interlock with each other. The process initially requires a lot of effort and often cannot be covered by one person alone. Rapid Application Development addresses this problem. The best known tool is Lotus Domino. There database, application server and client are already given, which allows a quick Application Development. Rapid Application Development is often associated with the buzzword "low code" or "no code" development. The idea here is to combine components and modules with little programming experience in such a way that an application is created. 

When it comes to Application Development, we work with Open Source

When it comes to Application Development, we work predominantly manufacturer-independent – with Open Source. In the context of IT, this means that the source code can be seen, used and changed publicly by anyone. For this reason, Open Source products are mostly free of charge.

Our services for you:

We accompany you during the development of an application. Starting with the conception and the evaluation of suitable technologies and frameworks to the publication of the application. We are also happy to take care of the infrastructure in our Data Center or a Cloud provider of your choice as part of a Managed Service. 

Agile Development

We support you in introducing an Agile Development culture. Our certified Scrum Masters are happy to help you.


How great is the effort? Which technology do I choose? What questions do I still need to ask? We are happy to advise you individually.


Our experienced developers know both the latest technologies and various frameworks, as well as the classic pit falls in development projects.

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