The secret of the "digital leaders" is the reliable provision of trustworthy data at the highest speed


The availability of trusted data is an increasingly important success and production factor for companies. Talend is an Open Source based platform for all integration tasks to connect data and applications and is one of the "Leaders" in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools Report 2019".

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Decisions require trust

To make decisions, you need accurate data on the one hand, and quickly accessible and reliable data on the other, with a tailored information strategy. Lay the foundation with Talend, coupled with the expertise of certified data experts from TIMETOACT. Take advantage of the diverse and long-standing experience to identify the methods, architectures and software components that are right for you.

More than 3,000 enterprise customers worldwide rely on Talend solutions.

Data Integration is one of the most important and challenging aspects of digital transformation. With 2.5 trillion bytes of data created every day, organizations need to ensure it gets to the right people, applications and systems in real time – and that it's used for accurate, transformative processes. But Data Integration is no longer just about integration. Today's enterprises need Data Integration providers that offer open, reusable Data Integration solutions and a complete, innovative portfolio of data capabilities that complement a rapidly changing ecosystem. Whether populating a Data Warehouse, deploying a real-time enabled system for a real-time dashboard, leveraging Cloud services for a Data Lake, or creating new API's and connecting applications.

Talend offers solutions for this in a highly modular approach:

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