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About Jira Software:

Jira Software helps teams from a wide range of disciplines streamline processes and handle tasks in a more organised way. Jira offers a range of solutions, methodologies and deployment options designed specifically for software, IT, business, ops and other teams in your organisation.

Why Jira Software from Atlassian?

Jira software not only helps you plan and keep track of your projects and releases, but also creates reports for you. In Jira software, your team can easily create their own user stories as well as individual tasks and define workflows for them. All information as well as progress around your project is recorded in tickets and thus comprehensible for everyone. Jira software allows you to prioritize tasks and automate repetitive processes. Define global and/or individual authorization concepts for all participants in your projects. The responsive web application can be adapted to your individual requirements through extensions.

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Jira Software Features:

Requirements and test management

  • Seamless transition between QA testing and software development
  • Set up custom fields, windows and workflows
  • Manage manual & automated testing

Agile project and task management

  • Scrum and Kanban board creation
  • Task hierarchy and task tracking
  • Project backlog and progress reports
  • Change logs and notification function
  • Forecasting and progress reporting

Planning and roadmap tools

  • Release and sprint planning
  • Integration of developer tools possible
  • CI/CD integration

Error tracking (buy tracking)

  • Configuration on project level
  • Create project rules
  • Automatic assignment and prioritization

Use cases for the deployment of Jira software

Example 1: Set process automation

Take the pressure off your team with automations and set rules. You can use these rules to automate processes or automatically assign prioritization to tasks. Assign specific tasks directly to predefined people or teams and use automations to link a process to other projects as well.

Example 2: Create workflows for your team

Design your processes using workflows in Jira software. You can use them to define individual workflows for your tasks in the project and then track progress on the project board in Colums. Create your own statuses and formulate specific triggers or binding instructions for the processor when changing statuses.

Example 3: Become agile with your team.

Enable all teams to work according to an agile method of your choice. Scrum projects in Jira software allow your team to group tasks into a backlog and work through them in sprints. The Scrum Board then helps your team keep track of tasks. Use burn-down charts or story points to evaluate the performance of your team.

Connect Jira software with Confluence

Combining Confluence with Jira software opens a whole new world of possibilities. Create a solution that allows your team to share, coordinate, and quickly organize around a project, task, or issue. The interaction of both programs allows you to document everything from start to finish in a self-updating solution. This video also explains how you can use templates to create dynamic status reports from Jira software in Confluence and store them on individual report pages.

Our services for Jira software from Atlassian:

We will be happy to provide you with the know-how we have built over many years and explain the possibilities for using and integrating Jira software into your system landscape. You can use Jira software to map project management, controlling, software development and many other use cases. We can also support you with practical solutions. These include templates for automating processes and a large number of tried-and-tested modules for a wide range of use cases. As a result of many projects - internal as well as external - we have an extensive range of interfaces for the individual integration of your toolchain.

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