Talend Application Integration / ESB

With Talend Application Integration, you create a service-oriented architecture and connect, mediate and manage your services in real time.Get in touch with us

What is Talend Application Integration / ESB?

Talend's API development, application and data integration platform enables applications to be linked and data to be exchanged in real time. This includes both the integration of data across different applications and the provision of data assets via API services.

Why Talend Application Integration / ESB?

Easily implement point-to-point SaaS integrations as well as scalable, modular API, data-as-a-service, pub / sub-messaging, and ESB use cases in your event-driven architecture. By eliminating manual coding, scalable APIs can be created flexibly and efficiently.

Talend's modular design enables implementation of virtually any integration requirement such as Data as a Service, pub/sub and point-to-point messaging, ESB and more. With its intuitive visual interface and simple wizards, Talend covers the complete API development lifecycle - from design, testing and documentation to service implementation and deployment. APIs, integration patterns, routes and mappings can be developed intuitively and efficiently from scratch.

Deployment scenarios:

This is where Talend Application Integration / ESB can come into play:

Enterprise Service Bus

Data exchange and communication over an ESB requires the development of APIs and microservices that can be efficiently deployed using the Talend platform.

Application Integration

With standardized connectors and robust pipeline services, data from a wide range of formats and applications can be seamlessly integrated and exchanged on an event-driven basis.

DevOps optimization

The development of APIs and microservices using a central platform supports intuitive and team-oriented implementation.

Benefit from the advantages:

Simplification of complex mapping requirements

Master complex JSON, AVRO, XML, COBOL, and B2B integrations with groundbreaking data mapping helpers that support industry standards like HL7, EDI, and more. A powerful built-in data mapper makes graphical manipulation of complex data formats a snap. So you can speed up your developments and gain more time for new projects.

Ensuring data integrity and trust

Design microservices with built-in data quality capabilities to validate, cleanse, and standardize data of all sizes and formats. Deliver trusted data services that are easy to share internally and with external partners, and ensure maximum scalability.

We are happy to advise you.

The development of an application integration or an ESB differs significantly from the tasks involved in supplying data to a data warehouse or a Big Data solution. Even if the solution is called "Talend", other disciplines are required, which our consultants have proven in numerous projects.

Certified and according to Talend standards, our consultants accompany you in your project:


Based on your requirements, time and technical constraints as well as relevant source and target systems, we define a comprehensive EAI model together with you. We support you in selecting and defining the relevant interfaces, formats and protocols and advise you on possible implementation approaches for your Data-as-a-Service architecture.


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