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Flexible, secure and fast database systems form the stable basis of your daily work. We manage your databases optimally.Get in touch with us

The database system optimally managed for your requirements

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Flexible, secure and fast database systems form the stable basis of your daily work as a central component of enterprise software.

Regardless of whether classic database systems, such as relational databases (RDBMS), or modern object or document-oriented database systems: ensuring many factors are the major technical challenges.

What are databases?

A database is an organized collection of structured and electronically stored information or data. The database is controlled with the help of a so-called database management system (DBMS). Together, the data, the DBMS, and the associated applications are called the database system.

Who should use databases?

Databases facilitate the retrieval of specific information and company data. In addition, many databases give you the option of setting special rights that determine which people or programs can access which data. We recommend that every company take a holistic view of all data-processing systems, including their databases, and develop a data strategy.

We manage your databases optimally

  • Do you have questions about the operation, optimization, design and architecture of your database landscape?
  • Or do you need support with technical issues in the integration into the corporate environment?
  • Perhaps you are looking for specialists for the joint implementation of your projects?

Then we are the right contact for you!

Support & advice

We offer comprehensive consulting, planning and implementation around database technology.

Expertise & Know-how

We have already been able to contribute our expertise to a wide range of projects in the field of database development and operation.

Technology & Solutions

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology and best-of-breed solutions, customized to your requirements.

Certified consulting

Our consultants have the highest manufacturer certifications.

We care for you holistically!

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Familiar with the latest technologies from OpenSource or from the leading commercial vendors (e.g. Hadoop, Postgres, MongoDB, IBM, Microsoft), whether SQL or NoSQL, in-memory, column-based and so on: our database experts support you in the design, architecture, optimization and management of your databases.

It is not without reason that we are regularly awarded the highest vendor certifications. Instead of having to deal with many solutions from different partners, you get everything from a single source with our complete and integrated product portfolio.

We know the individual, technical challenges - and solve them!

Data integrity

The best technology is of no use if the quality and integrity of the data it contains is questionable. We know the ways and means for "data integrity by design" in different database technologies, how to use them and which alternatives exist.


It is important to have consistent, reliable speed in all areas of data processing in the database. We support in the analysis and configuration of the interaction of database, CPU, RAM, disks, network and the applications.

Access protection

The separation of data into test and productive data, pseudonymization, traceability, auditing, integration into existing security mechanisms are the current topics that concern database operators and in which we provide support.

(High) availability

Availability is another more technical aspect - an interaction of all components that make up the operation of a database system. Adapted to the specifications, we realize the necessary parallelization and continuous availability.


Agile, never-stopping operational processes need up-to-date data at all times. Together with our customers, we realize and monitor the administrative jobs throughout, ensuring the up-to-dateness that a modern company needs.

Backup & Recovery

Best never needed and still the best insurance against technical failures, professional challenges and possibly even cyber-attacks. With our accompaniment and sophisticated concepts, we ensure the best insurance for our customers.

Further requirements for database systems

Depending on the application and technology, other comprehensive challenges are added.

Specialty and data models:

If not specified by the application, the task is to find an optimal data model. Whether operational or analytical applications, the requirements are different and must be taken into account. In-memory, column-based, different indices, aggregation tables - everything influences the application in terms of development speed, maintainability, agility and, of course, performance.


Always keep in mind: the DBMS does not stand alone, but integrates into the IT landscape of your company! It is operated in an environment that results from user management, operating system, hypervisor, controller, network and storage and must be optimized for each DBMS.

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud:

In addition to the familiar on-premises database systems, offerings in the cloud have been established for several years. Some providers leave the choice of platform to their customers and offer flexible or hybrid licensing and operating alternatives, while other providers have focused on providing the database "as a service" and in some cases offer highly specialized technology for the appropriate use case.

The right manufacturer for every project

Are you looking for technical support in the topics related to database systems? We work with technologies and commercial solutions from the following manufacturers:

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Microsoft's SQL Server is often used, and in the meantime the corresponding SQL databases in the Azure Cloud are also frequently used. Within the scope of our activities, we often use SQL Server and its components for data & analytics (data warehouse) or as an all-round database.

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Db2 or Db2 Warehouse database environments are also often used by us or supported for our customers. Both technologies are also available with counterparts in the IBM Cloud. Also from IBM, we use the Netezza Performance Server (NPS), formerly Netezza, in data warehouse projects.

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Open Source

Depending on the project situation and requirements, we also work with open source technologies. On the one hand in the area of relational database systems: e.g.: PostgreSQL (which calls itself "object-relational"), among others for data warehouse applications, or MariaDB, a fork of mySQL. On the other hand, also with "noSQL" technologies, e.g. the document-oriented technology of MongoDB or Hadoop for Data Lakes.

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