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Based on the license analysis, we check the feasibility of potential savings from both a technological and commercial point of view.
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Building on the license analysis and license consulting, we review the feasibility of potential savings from both a technological and a commercial perspective. License optimization and contract optimization focus on the following questions:

  • Do you know your contracts and possible alternatives?
  • Have you made any company acquisitions or divestments in the past? 
  • Do you have an overview of your current software usage?
  • Do you know the contract and licensing models of the manufacturers?
  • What is your strategy for the future?

Your advantages of a professional software license and contract optimization:


Transparency in Software Licensing and Software Usage in the context of audits


Avoidance of misprocurement and overlicensing and thus also security in legal matters

Cost savings

Efficient cost savings due to the possibility of procurement planning and possibility of standardization


Reuse free licenses and reduce training, helpdesk, and administration efforts

Our license and contract optimization includes the following aspects:

  • Consolidation

    We identify your current contract sub-situation and develop optimization potentials for the consolidation of smaller contracts in order to achieve the highest possible volume discounts with the manufacturer.

  • Harmonization

    We thereby create a uniform contract basis with identical terms and reduce the time required to renew your existing licenses.

  • Valuable information

    We provide you with meaningful information that helps you make informed decisions and optimize your license costs in the long term and actually realize potential savings.

  • Transparency

    We create more transparency in Software Licensing and software usage, efficient cost savings through the possibility of procurement planning as well as reuse of free licenses. This helps to avoid misprocurement and overlicensing.

We are very satisfied with the license optimization of the TIMETOACT GROUP. Due to the competent and open consultation we were able to save 25.000 € in license costs compared to the offers of our existing partners and to improve our purchasing in the long run. The customized license model is exactly aligned to our requirements and strategic goals.

Ottmar JesbergerHead of ITNKD Services GmbH

License and contract optimization for public customers:

In the public sector, there are special challenges for these companies. On the one hand, there are usually special contracts and agreements here, and on the other hand, the Cloud is a sensitive topic. Particularly with public sector customers, many separate site contracts have been concluded in the past with licenses that other departments or authorities might need. In addition, there are academic contracts or large framework contracts from the federal and state governments, through which licenses can also be procured. Getting an overview of all existing licenses is therefore a major challenge for many public sector customers. We help you to get an overview of your current license inventory.

Due to ever tighter budgets, license consolidation is becoming increasingly important. Here, the goal and our task is to bundle licenses in the long term and save license costs. Based on our many years of expertise, we identify potential savings and work with you to develop a software strategy for the future that also takes into account the special data protection aspects of the public sector.

Our services for license and contract optimization

With your support, we identify and interpret your current software contracts and help you to develop the best contract structure for your company. Our many years of experience and our good connections to the manufacturers enable us to realize customized solutions beyond standard contracts.

Contract Analysis

Assessment of contracts with regard to company structure and size. A contract concluded years ago doesn't need to be the right form of contract for the future.

Optimize the license inventory

We find the right licensing for you in terms of Single-user / network, virtualization, cloud / on-premise, purchase model / rental model or fixed price / usage-based billing.

Technical evaluation

Recording of the technical software inventory according to customer information or on the basis of tools used in coordination with the specialist departments.

Recommendations for action

On the basis of current licensing models and regulations and taking into account license benefits from existing maintenance contracts, we identify potential savings for you.

License and contract optimization for the following manufacturers:

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