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Open Source Compliance

With effective license management, you can minimize compliance and security risks. We support you in understanding the rights and obligations of each license.Get in touch with us

Do not underestimate the risks when using open source products!

Many companies are increasingly turning to open source products in order to avoid long-term commitments to commercial software manufacturers and to save costs. In contrast to public domain software, the use of open source is subject to conditions, particularly with regard to changes and disclosure of the source code. This can lead to the fact that own software developments on open source basis must be disclosed or in case of non-compliance with licensing conditions with damages or injunctive relief must be expected.

We can help you to gain transparency about the use of open source products. 

Do you know these challenges?

  • When using open source software, you usually have no claim to warranty, product liability, support or quality of the software used. You are therefore on your own and must manage any risks that may be uncovered yourself.
  • There is a high legal risk to compromise your own IP by license rules: e.g. by disclosure obligations of the source code. This can lead to complete in-house developed products of your company losing value virtually overnight. 
  • Security risks increase when procuring software from suppliers: If you purchase software from suppliers that will be integrated into another product, it should always be ensured that these suppliers follow general standards (such as ISO 5230).

Prevent risks with open source license management

Contrary to popular belief, open source is not just free software, but is usually subject to terms of use.

Since the code is open, many can work on it and constantly improve the code and make it more robust. On the other hand, however, there are no guarantees or roadmaps as to where a piece of software will be developed. So there are both good arguments for using open source and reasons not to.

We show you the rights and obligations of the individual licenses and which risks are associated with the use. With an open source license analysis, we develop the basis for you in which context the use of OSS makes sense.

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Advantages of Open Source License Management

Cost savings

Significant costs for proprietary software can be saved by using open source software.

Prevent risks

Take preventive control measures to avoid damage to your IP.


Gain visibility into the software licenses used for your software proprietary developments.

Our services around Open Source Compliance

We have been using open source software for many years to develop high-quality technical applications for our customers. However, our focus is not only on the practical application, but also on comprehensive advice on possible risks and the correct use of open source software.


Do you need support in the area of open source license management? We can help you specifically with your questions.


We help customers implement open source license management by creating the necessary governance consisting of policies and associated processes.

Managed Service

We take over the complete service for your open source license management. Focus fully on your development and leave the license management to us.

Code auditing

We use tool-based evaluation methods to generate reports and assess compliance.

Certifications based on ISO 5230

Through our partnership with OpenChain we are able to offer certifications based on ISO 5230.

Maturity analysis

We use best practices and standardized methods to evaluate the maturity of your open source license management.

Partnership with OpenChain

In order to be able to offer the highest quality in the area of open source license management, we have decided to partner with OpenChain. The OpenChain monitors the ISO Standard 5230, which is the standard for the quality of Open Source license compliance.

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