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Sustainability is no longer a topic for the future: The climate catastrophe is already a real threat in many parts of the world. And for some years now, selected companies - e.g. in the financial services sector - have had to report on their sustainability measures. So far, this has taken the form of short prose. Some well-intentioned activities, such as planting trees, have been staged for publicity purposes - and some measures have provoked accusations of "green washing."

The time for lip service is now coming to an end: With measures such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the Supply Chain Act or the currently discussed European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), legislators are obliging companies to take and document concrete sustainability measures. We support you not only in your sustainability reporting, but also in implementing the findings with concrete measures. 

What is sustainability reporting?

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains Act (in short: Supply Chain Act).

We are at your side

From a technical point of view, sustainability reporting comprises classic disciplines from analytical data processing. TIMETOACT's experts draw on many years of knowledge in this area. Instead of manual extraction and preparation in Excel, we use modern solutions, data management and interfaces that largely automate processes and allow new, additional use cases. Benefit from our know-how:

Increase your sustainability with the following measures

Digital Workplace & Employee Experience
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Process Integration & Automation

Sustainability pays off

Perhaps you have been dealing with the topic of sustainability for some time - or perhaps the current legal situation is forcing you to take appropriate measures in the short term. The fact is: Sustainability pays off - even beyond mere legal compliance! According to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability not only includes goals such as energy or resource savings, but also education, equality, innovation, inclusion and production. In all these areas you can

  • act responsibly for the benefit of people and the environment,
  • but also differentiate yourself from the competition and generate added value for your company:


Employees prefer companies that already act sustainably today - and focus, for example, on equal pay, inclusion and further training. In the future, investors and customers will also avoid companies that resist these trends.


Greater sustainability also includes making processes and the use of resources more efficient. This not only makes your company greener, but also saves you time and money.


Sustainability helps to save costs. By planning intelligently, you can, for example, reduce expenditure on IT procurement and operation. Efficient hardware, long runtimes and intelligent deletion plans to save data conserve IT budget and resources.

Legal compliance

Last but not least, the fulfillment of obligations to the legislator is also essential for many companies. It is foreseeable that further requirements will follow in the future. Be prepared today for the challenges of tomorrow.

The right manufacturer for every project

Manufacturers have long since picked up on the trend towards sustainable management and developed tools that provide you with optimum support for your sustainability goals. We are not committed to a specific product, but decide together with you which technology best meets your individual requirements. We work together with the following manufacturers, for example:

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IBM-owned Envizi offers a comprehensive, modular software platform that helps organizations meet their ESG obligations and drive the management of relevant metrics. It automates the collection and consolidation of more than 500 relevant data types. Its user-friendly visualizations and interfaces, as well as easily customizable dashboards, enable you to analyze, manage, and report on environmental goals, identify efficiency opportunities, and assess sustainability risks.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is a powerful tool for optimizing your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. With its extensive functionality, it is perfectly suited to carry out your sustainability reporting in a structured and compliant manner. Mathematical optimization allows you to allocate resources - taking into account their limited availability - in an automated and optimized way.

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