Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

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What is Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?

With Synapse, Microsoft has provided a platform for all aspects of analytics in the Azure Cloud.

Within the platform, Synapse includes services for data integration, data storage of any size and big data analytics. Together with existing architecture templates, a solution for every analytical use case is created in a short time. The solution supports both classic DWH and BI solutions, but also enterprise-wide AI and BigData requirements in the Azure Cloud.

Why use Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics?

Extensive functions to benefit from analytical possibilities.

Extensive functions are available for companies that want to develop an analytical solution in the cloud:

  • Data engineering with e.g. Apache Spark, built-in connectors, programmer-free data integration or data pipelines.
  • Powerful data storage in relational (SQL) databases including AI functions or data lakes with support for all data sources and very large data volumes
  • Comprehensive analytics: starting from operational data analysis, streaming analytics, time series analysis and many varieties of AI or ML

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No matter which deployment, we also put together the right services for our customers in the cloud, implement data integration, analytical data models from data warehouse and data lake to data mart and provide visually appealing dashboards with Power BI.

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