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What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is the cloud offering from Microsoft.

Numerous services are provided in Azure, not only for analytical requirements. Particularly worth mentioning from an analytical perspective are services for data storage (relational, NoSQL and in-memory / with Microsoft or OpenSource technology), Azure Data Factory for data integration, numerous services including AI and, of course, services for BI, such as Power BI or Analysis Services.

Why should Microsoft Azure be used?

In Azure, Microsoft provides all the services needed to implement a complete analytic solution, including pre-built integration and architecture proposals. Solutions can be developed, scaled and operated in a short time thanks to the cloud approach. 

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No matter which deployment, we also put together the right services for our customers in the cloud, implement data integration, analytical data models from data warehouse and data lake to data mart and provide visually appealing dashboards with Power BI.

Our experts are certified Microsoft consultants and have been able to contribute their knowledge to the success of numerous projects over the last 15 years. In particular, we are characterised by our ability to find creative solutions and, if necessary, to think "out-of-the-box". Each of our consultants has at least two professional and technical "pillars" and a broad overview of different solutions.

Core functions of Microsoft Azure

Every platform for data warehousing, business intelligence or AI has certain core functions that are also part of the Microsoft Azure Cloud:

  • Data Lake / Data Warehouse: 
    Microsoft offers various technologies for data storage. Azure Databricks or Azure Data Lake Storage V2 can be used to build a data lake. The exact requirement determines the selection of the right technology. Azure also offers various technologies for setting up a data warehouse: either the Azure SQL database, the cloud counterpart to the Microsoft SQL Server in SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) or Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure Data Warehouse) in MPP (massively parallel processing).
  • Data Integration:
    The Azure Data Factory is the central service for the development of data integration, i.e. it has extensive functions for connecting data sources, linking them together and transforming data. The goal is to build the central data warehouse in MS Azure.

Often, special technologies are used separately for the provision of an analytical database as a so-called "OLAP solution" (Online Analytical Processing); Microsoft offers Azure Analysis Services (analogous to MSAS on-premises) for this purpose.

Power BI is the main tool available for analysis and reporting. Power BI is a suite with various tools for the provision of reports, dashboards or ad-hoc analysis. Furthermore, Jupyter, Zeppelin or Microsoft Azure notebooks can be used.