Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform

Use the power of statistics to let Machine Learning make automated decisions, optimize shopping carts, forecast prices, optimize production processes, increase quality or know when the next maintenance should take place. These use cases need data ... lots of data!

Talend Big Data Platform simplifies complex integrations so you can successfully use Big Data with Apache Spark, Databricks, AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform and NoSQL. Harness the potential of real-time and streaming analytics through serverless Spark streaming and Machine Learning. Talend Real-Time Big Data Integration generates native code that can be deployed in your Cloud and in hybrid or multi-Cloud environments. This way, you can start using Spark Streaming today to get reliable and meaningful real-time insights from all your batch data pipelines.

Increasing innovation with agile architecture

With Talend, you don't have to adapt your data pipelines every time new versions or releases of Big Data or Cloud platforms come to market. You can build on all your previous investments and innovate at the pace you want with dynamic distribution support and portable data pipelines.

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This is where we use Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform:

Data Integration in real-time or batch, Data Warehouse or Big Data – if you want to keep up with the paradigm shifts, you need to understand the background. Our consultants are not only highly trained in Talend's products, but also understand the architectures and conceptual design. Together with our experts, you will find the best path for your data from source to destination, whether Data Warehouse or Data Lake.

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