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Within the TIMETOACT GROUP we have decades of experience with Notes and Domino. As HCL Business Partner, we offer you a fast and uncomplicated access to the manufacturer. In this way we are also involved early in the development of new releases. Our certified and experienced consultants and technicians keep all your certifications up to date with the latest release status. In this way, we guarantee you the most up-to-date know-how at all times.

We also offer our customers proven support processes and hotline assistance:

  • online support
  • Ticket system
  • Guaranteed response times after transmitted error message

This service portfolio ultimately results in a large number of satisfied customers and professionally completed projects.

Our competences

In addition, we in the TIMETOACT GROUP have the methodology and code libraries for the rapid development, programming and implementation of extensive Notes software applications. In addition to performance, ong-term maintainability and expandability are always goals of Domino application development. The mapping or migration of business processes to the internet requires experience, methodology and technical competence. The quality of the application shows best in the acceptance of its users.


Notes Domino is the leading platform for application development, collaboration and messaging

Notes Domino Software is a leading groupware platform that provides a secure messaging and collaboration environment. The out-of-the-box security in the form of integrated PKI infrastructure is just as convincing as RAD (Rapid Application Development) and Deployment (RADD) for fast application development and distribution.

Our Success Stories:

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