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Modernize your application. With Application Modernization, we bring your application into the Cloud Architecture or microservices DevOps.Contact us now
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What is Application Modernization?

Application Modernization focuses on modernizing existing applications.

Typically, applications developed and maintained according to the waterfall model are local monoliths, most of which are now to be transferred to the Coud or to a Microservices Architecture. 

Your Benefits of Application Modernization

The challenges of Application Modernization are usually limited to the cost and complexity of such a project.

Ultimately, the key to success in Application Modernization is to strategize and select projects where the benefits of Cloud, speed, performance, scalability, new feature development, DevOps and mobility justify the cost of modernization.

  • Increased speed in the deployment of new functions.

  • Use of functionality of existing applications via APIs from other services.

  • Outsourcing applications from on-premises to the Cloud

Modernization with DevOps

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What is DevOps?

DevOps describes an approach in which the areas of Software Development and IT operations, which are actually fundamentally different areas, work better together. DevOps is a combination of the terms development and IT operation.

What happens with DevOps?

In the context of DevOps, developers (development) and administrators (operations) do work closely together on the software throughout its entire lifecycle. On the one hand, administrators should be able to contribute their experience in operating software at an early stage in the architecture and design phases of development. On the other hand, developers, with their detailed knowledge of the software, should also be involved in implementation, troubleshooting, monitoring and performance analysis during operation. The coordination effort is decimated and releases can be implemented significantly faster and thus more frequently. 

For the implementation of DevOps and related CI/CD pipelines, we recommend the Atlassian tools Bitbucket and Bamboo. The following is an overview of the tools used at TIMETOACT:

Graphic showing which tools are used in the implementation of DevOps in Application Modernization

Keyfacts of microservices

If you look at the challenges of digitization, it quickly becomes clear that monolithic software architectures are generally not well suited to meet these challenges. Time-to-market, high scaling, short release cycles, automation, DevOps processes - the list is long and the requirements high. Microservices are ideally suited for modern software architectures thanks to their characteristics:

  • Time-to-market:
    New business functions can be put into production independently of other microservices. This significantly shortens release cycles and promotes the idea of Continuous Deployment.

  • Flexibility: 
    Each microservice can be implemented in a different technology - this creates space for experimentation that counteracts the obsolescence of technology stack 

  • Small but powerful:
    Microservices are small services that serve one business function. As a result, they are easy to maintain and can be quickly reimplemented if necessary.

  • Independence: 
    Because the small services are developed autonomously from one another, teams can work independently - an excellent basis for Agile Development processes

Our services regarding Application Modernization

We offer fully comprehensive consulting and support on the topic of Application Modernization. From consulting to implementation, you can rely on us.

Consulting workshop

We advise you on your options, taking into account the latest technologies (such as low-code platforms, Cloud technologies) and implementation options (with platforms such as Atlassian, HCL and Microsoft).

Proof of Concept (PoC)

To reinforce the developed concept, we accompany you during the modernization of a first application from prototype to feasibility analysis and implementation.

Training & Education

If new techniques need to be learned for the developed strategy, we are happy to train in the use of the tools, as well as in modern programming languages.


Our experienced consultants are at your side during implementation and quality assurance. It is important for us to understand your business use case and to jointly exploit the full optimization potential.

A selection of our customer projects

We have already implemented individual requirements with application development in numerous customer projects. Read the reference stories here:

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