Atlassian Crowd ermöglicht ein Single Sign-On (SSO)

Atlassian Crowd

Atlassian Crowd enables Single Sign-On (SSO) and centralized login procedure for any number of users, logins and passwords. This allows users from multiple directories to be managed and authentication permissions for applications to be given in a single location. After a one-time authentication, the user is granted access to all web applications in the system for which he was previously granted access authorization.

The TIMETOACT GROUP has been standing for collaboration for 20 years and uses the Atlassian portfolio as a strategic solution for team and project work. Based on our own long lasting experience with Atlassian products, we pass on our expertise as a solution partner across industries in the areas of installation, configuration, agile project management, consulting and managed services to our customers.

Our services relating to Atlassian Crowd:


Licensing and Consulting

Support and Managed Services

Software Customization

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