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Atlassian offers its customers Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, a solution for Jira Software as well as Confluence and Jira Service Management. Match the expectations of your Atlassian SaaS product to the challenges of your business.

Benefit from SLAs with a binding availability of 99.95% as well as a personal senior support team at Atlassian, which is available for you around the clock, also with telephone support. This team provides you with response times of 30 minutes at the highest priority and 24 hours even at the lowest priority, every day of the year.

In our videos, we explain the benefits you can generate for your business by using the Atlassian Cloud Enterprise version of your products. Also learn how to reduce the cost of your Atlassian tool chain. 

Learn more about the following topics in our videos:

Central license cockpit 

The Enterprise Cloud allows you to generate an infinite number of domains / instances. You license only the user tier you need. Then manage your users in Atlassian Access or connect an Active Directory. You can equip the different domains with individual sets of applications to adapt the functions of the domains to your needs. All information about the various domains and their applications can be managed centrally and expanded or reduced at any time. 

License inventory vs. actual inventory

The Enterprise Cloud not only allows you to license the users you need in a more targeted way, but also to create domains based on the users you need. You can equip this domain with an individual set of applications. Unlike the other deployment variants from Atlassian, you only have to license the actual demand of the domain and not the entire number of users of the main product license. In this way, you can significantly reduce the cost of your licensing and cover your specific needs. 

The cost factor

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers you a SaaS solution with the highest standards of SLAs and support. Save the costs of maintaining and operating your Atlassian products. Our experts will help you match the needs as well as the costs of the products to your requirements in the best possible way. Furthermore, only the Cloud Enterprise version offers each licensed user an Atlassian Access license for the administration of the user free of charge.  

The path to the enterprise Cloud

Put yourself on autopilot and let us bring you safely into the Atlassian Cloud Enterprise. Our team of experts will work with you to create a roadmap for the transition to a central license cockpit and the eventual migration to the Cloud. Together, we determine the actual need and the cost-efficient implementation in the Atlassian Cloud. 

We check your license report!

Put your current licensing model to the test and allow us to take a look at your license report. To do this, all you need to do is send us an email with information about yourself, your company, and the phrase 

I (Customer Name) authorize Atlassian to release license information for (Company Name) domain ( to TIMETOACT GROUP.

to [email protected]. We will then send you the current license report and an initial evaluation.

Cloud migration - we move you to the Cloud!

Find out what advantages a cloud solution from Atlassian offers you. The TIMETOACT team has been able to develop best practices as a result of a large number of migrations in recent years. These form the foundation of our standards, templates, scripts as well as checklists and help you to move safely into the Cloud.

More benefits with Atlassian Enterprise Cloud

Atlassian Access | Flexible with the Atlassian Cloud

Manage your users in the enterprise cloud with free access in Atlassian Access. You can connect your Active Directory to your Atlassian product and use two-factor authentication and single sign-on. Define exactly which user has access to which of your domains and what permissions they have. Manage this centrally in one place.

BaFin guidelines on outsourcing | Securing your Cloud products

Since the end of last year, Atlassian has been offering all Cloud Enterprise customers additional BaFin guidelines on outsourcing. Secure Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management as well as Jira Align additionally. All BaFin regulated customers can thus use Atlassian's Cloud products and comply with BaFin regulations.

Looking for a strong Atlassian partner?

With TIMETOACT GROUP you have the best partner at your side! We offer you comprehensive support from experienced license and Cloud migration experts. Find the reasons why it is worthwhile for you to switch to TIMETOACT GROUP.


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