Jira Core

Atlassian Jira Core

Jira is not just a solution for a single scenario, but a specialist for transparent tracking and controlling of activities, which can accompany the entire life cycle of a project or product. From the phase of idea collection, conception and implementation including deployment, to error management and support, Jira can be used in every phase of a company's value chain.

It makes no difference whether you are a start-up or want to map the complex processes within a large international corporation. 

The TIMETOACT GROUP has been standing for collaboration for 20 years and uses the Atlassian portfolio as a strategic solution for team and project work. Based on our own long lasting experience with Atlassian products, we pass on our expertise as a solution partner across industries in the areas of installation, configuration, agile project management, consulting and managed services to our customers.

Our services relating to Atlassian Jira Core:


Licensing and Consulting

Support and Managed Services

Software Customization

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