Data Integration & Data Governance

The larger and broader the data stock, the more important a secure, high-performance and traceable central provision of information.

"If you digitize a crappy process, you get a crappy digital process."

(Thorsten Dirks, CEO, Telefónica Deutschland)

The larger and broader your data stock in the company, the more important a secure, high-performance and traceable central provision of information.  Data Integration describes all methods and technologies for collecting and managing information from one or more sources (Data Integration/Data Logistics). The Data Governance of an analytical solution aims particularly to ensure the traceability of information: the tracking of data from source to evaluation (regardless of the type), the technical and professional documentation of the data as well as the applied transformations allow a company to make final statements on the correctness and significance of the information.

Master Data Management

Special attention is paid to "Master Data Management": If data from different sources are to be processed and analyzed, the respective information, especially the master data, must be standardized. The challenge is not the technical, but the functional implementation, because the merging of e.g. master data of articles based on similar names can only be partially automated. Modern tools, which use Artificial Intelligence to identify similarities and suggest candidates, complement systems that support manual processes and respective releases.

We support our customers in all aspects of Data Integration, in building a solution for Data Governance and in the required processes.

Task spectrum of Data Integration

The tasks of Data Integration cover much more than just the merging of data via ETL processes. They also include topics such as the standardization of data stocks in different operative systems, the enrichment of incomplete and incorrect data as well as the harmonization of master data. In times of global markets, this often means integrating data beyond the boundaries of the company itself

  • Automated reporting of data to customers, suppliers or other addressees
  • Integration of external data sources (e.g. WebServices)
  • Automatic synchronization of master data from different systems

Optimization of Data Integration


  • Data quality: Existing routes deliver insufficient or unpredictable quality
  • Process quality: Existing routes are not (any longer) performing or reliable enough, loading time cannot be maintained or has been shortened 
  • Technologies have improved and new features should be used, new business requirements require redesign, e.g. from batch to real time


  • Together with our Data Integration experts, requirements are noted, options discussed and implemented                   
  • The result: optimal Data Integration for you!

Data Governance: Consulting on options and technologies

Technical and business consulting on Data Governance, Master Data Management and Compliance Support:

  • Regulations (special case GDPR): The legislator expects information about storage, origin and use of data. Only accessible if data is processed and stored in a traceable manner!
  • Data Lineage / Impact Analysis: The use of ETL tools can often automatically trace the data stream, including technical and operational metadata
  • Assured findings: How can business users understand and interpret the information presented? Consistent technical metadata enable a shared understanding without misinterpretations
  • Allocation: the standardization of master data ensures that information of the same customers/products/suppliers are assigned correctly 
  • Unconscious influence: Data Science models must explain their results in a comprehensible way so that companies know and control the influencing factors!

The right vendor for every project

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