Smarter mobility with the portal switchh

TIMETOACT connects forms in the portal with IBM and thus provides complementary mobility

Cologne/Hamburg – Subway, S-Bahn, bus, car, ferry or bicycle: The pilot project "switchh" of HOCHBAHN in cooperation with Europcar and Car2Go makes the whole of Hamburg mobile. TIMETOACT brought the systems of the partner companies together to enable fully complementary mobility.

Faster mobility: The portal integrates all associated partner companies so that customers do not have to switch between providers (Verkehrsverbund, Car2Go, Europcar) during registration.

The holistic platform approach also bundles the subsequent administrative and self-service processes from the perspective of HOCHBAHN employees and customers. At the service point at Berliner Tor, for example, all customer registration information is brought together – with a focus on customer satisfaction.

The integration of web analysis tools allows HOCHBAHN to continuously improve customer service. Pages in the portal and forms that are not intuitive to use are thus actively identified and optimized – to the satisfaction of the customer.

Operation, support and innovative further development of the overall applications are carried out by TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH.

Mobility of the future – With forms in the portal, Hamburgers reach their destination even faster

Subway, S-Bahn, bus, car, ferry or bicycle: The pilot project "switchh" of HOCHBAHN in cooperation with Europcar and Car2Go makes the whole of Hamburg mobile. switchh takes Hamburgers without their own car to all points of the city in an uncomplicated and flexible way.

switchh is the new generation of transportation. The HVV app displays complete information on all means of transportation and combination options. No matter where in the greater Hamburg area the destination is located – the app determines the fastest possible route to get there. In addition to pure information, it also offers all other conveniences from a single source: train ticket, Car2Go, rental car or a cab can be ordered with one click.

Real-time communication connects customers, partners and employees

Switchh is a joint project between HOCHBAHN and various mobility service providers, such as Europcar and Car2Go. By combining rail and road, switchh enables customers to be flexibly mobile quickly, efficiently and cost-consciously. TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH provides the design, implementation and operation for the switchh platform using best practices and IBM technology, such as:

  • IBM Forms Experience Builder
  • IBM Web Content Management
  • IBM WebSphere Portal
  • IBM WebSphere Process Server

Presentation at IBM BusinessConnect 2013

The new IBM BusinessConnect combines three successful events in one top-class event on October 15 and 16, 2013. TIMETOACT is Gold Sponsor of the event and informs about Business Integration, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce and Social Business.

The joint presentation by Timo Röntsch (Hamburger Hochbahn AG) and Joubin Rahimi (TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH) focused on the technical implementation of the switchh project.

Hermann Ballé, Falk Kronen and Torsten Hoffmann
Many people visited our booth
Mr. Röntsch (HOCHBAHN) & Mr. Rahimi (TIMETOACT)
Hermann Ballé, Falk Kronen and Torsten HoffmannMany people visited our boothMr. Röntsch (HOCHBAHN) & Mr. Rahimi (TIMETOACT)

Used technologies:

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