IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

With Cloud Pak for Applications, you can create new applications or modernise existing ones in a flexible and cost-effective way.
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Benefit from IBM Cloud Pak for Application

No change of location

Existing applications will continue to run at the previous location

Open-Source Technology

Optimal open source technology for new hybrid cloud applications

Flexible & Scalable

All cloud tools can be flexibly tailored to the respective requirements


Existing applications can be modernised at low cost

Develop cloud-native applications

Microservices and Kubernetes are terms that are now hardly mentioned individually. For many companies, moving to the cloud, modernising the existing app landscape and making it "cloud-ready" is a hurdle.

With the IBM Cloud Pak for Application, a solid foundation exists to develop, deploy and modernise "cloud-native" applications. Since agile working is essential for a faster release cycle, ready-made DevOps processes are used, among other things.

We are here for you.

  • Support & implementation

    You would like to modernise your existing applications and/or migrate to the cloud? We can help you with your questions and accompany you during the transformation to the cloud. We can also take over the entire implementation for you.

  • Know-how and expertise

    Whether Cloud Pak for Application, for Data or for Automation - we not only have the technical know-how to implement the corresponding projects for you. We bring years of expertise with IBM products from numerous projects.

Insight into how it works

Carlo Nölle, Software Engineer at TIMETOACT, will show in his presentation how Cloud Pak for Application can support you in your daily business and where its limitations lie.

Feel free to contact me personally about IBM Cloud Pak for Application!

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