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Use the potential of your company data

The profitable use of information in the company has occupied us for many years. In the course of the further development of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, new possibilities have emerged, but also new challenges: 

  • In the context of Big Data: a lot of corporate data
  • Advantages of data analyses and the resulting knowledge gains
  • Demand for availability, accuracy and traceability

The Cloud Pak for Data acts as a central, modular platform for analytical use cases. It integrates functions for the physical and virtual integration of data into a central data pool - a data lake or a data warehouse, a comprehensive data catalogue and numerous possibilities for (AI) analysis up to the operational use of the same. The data assets used as well as visibility and access are documented in the data catalogue.

Benefit from IBM Cloud Pak for Data


Integrate data from all areas of your business into a common platform to manage your business or identify new business areas with meaningful information. Use the Data Virtualisation module to integrate data virtually without the need for physical data transport, or the DataStage module to develop data integration processes.


Identify and control interrelationships, responsibilities, access and data protection rules and their visibility to users and applications. Enable the controlled use of information across the enterprise and thereby fully exploit the potential of your data.


Start with DataScience / ML in the Watson Studio module to analyse your data, supplement with meaningful dashboards or have initial insights generated automatically by AutoAI. Bring the insights operationally with minimal effort, integrate them through generated REST APIs or batch jobs and thus use the insights gained always and everywhere, instead of only in individual analyses. Then monitor the ML processes in terms of runtime, quality and BIAS and be warned automatically if threshold values are violated. This keeps analytics under control! Translated with (free version)

We are here for you

Consulting. Implementation. Operation. Expertise.

TIMETOACT GROUP is considered the leading IBM Business Partner for Cloud Pak for Data in DACH. We have many years of experience in the installation, configuration and use of Cloud Pak for Data - both in the backend OpenShift and in the individual services. We offer our customers comprehensive consulting, implementation and operation. Through years of cooperation with the manufacturer, we also have excellent access and short paths to information.

How IBM Cloud Pak for Data works:

Technically, Cloud Pak for Data is based on RedHat OpenShift. On the one hand, this enables independence with regard to the technical platform: whether on-premises in the private cloud, on OpenShift provided in the cloud ("Managed OpenShift") or completely provided by IBM "as a service". On the other hand, OpenShift enables scalable, fail-safe operation and the modular structure of Cloud Pak for Data: After installing a few necessary basic services, all other services can be added optionally. This means that a corresponding configuration can be created for each use case, which can later be individually expanded. The individual services are structured according to the corresponding tasks.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Services for the processing and analysis of structured and unstructured data, including Natural Language Understanding, "Speech-To-Text", Notebooks, Machine Learning, but also for the creation and monitoring of operational processes.
  • Analytics/Dashboards: Services for business analytics, dashboards, Spark, other query options and data preparation.
  • Data governance: data integration and data catalogue
  • Data sources and databases: various databases (including Db2, MongoDB, Pipelines), data virtualisation
  • Development tools: Jupyter notebooks, RStudio server

IBM Cloud Pak for Data project examples

Marc Bastien, software architect at TIMETOACT, will show you how IBM Cloud Pak for Data and the structured application of data science can be used to identify and exploit unused potential in processes. For example, customer churn can be detected and analysed in good time, predictive maintenance introduced or incoming payments reliably forecast. 

After entering your data, you will get to the complete video in which Marc Bastien shows you practical examples from his projects and the introduction of Data Science into almost every company process.   

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data – Test-Drive

By making our comprehensive demo and customer data platform available, we want to offer customers a way to get a first impression of the technology with their data very quickly and pragmatically.

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We use the information you send to us only to contact you in context of your request. For this purpose, we store your data in our CRM for up to 6 months. You can find all further information in our Privacy Policy.