The IBM DB2 Database has been established as the leading Data Warehouse Database on the market for many years and is used successfully by numerous customers. Due to its massive Parallel Shared Nothing Architecture, DB2 is able to meet the highest demands on performance and scalability. 

In recent years, a significant development has been the introduction of so-called BLU technology, a column-oriented in-memory storage option for data in analytical systems. By means of smart caching, single instruction multiple data (SIMD), data skipping and several other functionalities, the analysis of data is performed very close to the hardware and in a memory-efficient way. In addition, new functions have been added to the Database in recent years that significantly simplify the implementation, administration and operation of the Data Warehouse. For example, DB2 provides so-called Temporal Tables, which automatically historize the table contents for Slowly Changing Dimensions as an internal function and store a time reference for the respective row. In addition, table areas can be automatically assigned to different storage areas, depending on how often they are needed (Multi Temperature Data Management).

Here we use IBM DB2:

Decades of experience, partly acquired directly at IBM, distinguish our competence with IBM DB2. Especially when DB2 is used in the Data Warehouse, our customers can benefit from the wealth of experience of our consultants. Whether technical details, deployment strategies, in the (private) Cloud, or classically "on-premises", or in technical questions around Data Warehouse architectures: our consultants know the solution.

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