IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog/Information Governance Catalog

For Data Governance, IBM has solved the close link from the "Information Governance Catalog" to the Data Integration many years ago. Its purpose: To be able to be used optionally also in architectures, in which solutions of other manufacturers are used. Today, "IGC" is a dedicated solution for cataloging and metadata management in the enterprise and thus the basis of all efforts of a company to comply with regulations and requirements or to document analytical assets. To complement this, IBM recently introduced the "IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog" solution to support companies in particular in building a knowledge catalog for Big Data / Data Science solutions.

More information about the IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog and Information Governance Catalog on the product page of the manufacturer.

Here we use IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog und IBM Information Governance Catalog:

Depending on the requirements, we rely on IBM's metadata management and Data Governance in projects. Our consultants have the adequate knowledge and certifications in the corresponding tools and the necessary experience for the technical support of a Data Governance project.

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