IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

IBM Planning Analytics enables the automation of planning, budgeting, forecasting and analyzing processes using IBM TM1. The solution enables users from finance and many other business areas to coordinate all their planning and link key business drivers to financial KPIs.

This powerful financial planning and analysis solution offers many benefits:

  • Produce timely, reliable planning, budgets, and forecasts 
  • Perform detailed analysis with what-if scenarios to test assumptions and compare alternatives 
  • Build multi-dimensional models to analyze profitability by product, customer, region and more
  • Communicate findings with attractive self-service visualizations
  • Better collaborate and integrate planning across finance, sales, supply chain, operations, human resources and more

Particular value is derived from combining Planning Analytics with other analytics disciplines. For example, traditional, manual planning can be expanded into "predictive planning" using Data Science methods, i.e., pattern recognition of influencing factors in the past results in better planning in the future. Moreover, mathematical optimization can be used to distribute resources in an automated, optimized way, taking into account limited availability of resources. Both methods can also be combined.

More information about Planning Analytics on the IBM website.

This is where we use IBM Planning Analytics:

Our experts in Planning Analytics or TM1 know the details of Turbo Integrator, the challenges of multidimensional modeling, and those of combining Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics. We build on experience from implementations, migrations from other OLAP technologies and the combination of ROLAP and MOLAP.

Use Case: An amusement park uses TM1 for broad data analysis

With the support of TIMETOACT, an amusement park in Germany has been using TM1 for many years in different areas of the company to carry out reporting, analysis and planning processes easily and flexibly.

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